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Trump vs. Clinton: The feud continues even after the election

It’s been 386 days since the presidential election, however even nonetheless, President Trump and Hillary Clinton haven’t stopped their bickering.

Once buddies — Clinton was once even a visitor at Trump’s 3rd wedding ceremony in 2005 — the two New Yorkers haven’t left their squabbling in the back of in what was once a risky marketing campaign season.

Here’s a have a look at the jabs Clinton and Trump have taken at one any other since Nov. eight, 2016.

Nov. 27, 2016: 19 days since the election

Trump claimed that Clinton gained the in style vote by means of just about three million other people as a result of “millions of people … voted illegally.”

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump, then the president-elect, tweeted.

Dec. 21, 2016: 43 days since the election

Trump took to Twitter in the morning to deride Clinton for that specialize in the fallacious states all through her marketing campaign.

“Campaigning to win the Electoral College is much more difficult & sophisticated than the popular vote,” Trump mentioned on Twitter. “Hillary focused on the wrong states!”

Dec. 23, 2016: 45 days since the election

By this level, Trump has discussed Clinton in his tweets somewhat incessantly — however he most often mocked the media and celebrities who he mentioned attempted to assist the Democratic candidate. Yet, on Dec. 23, Trump quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin to specific his opinion on his former opponent.

“Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dems: ‘In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.’ So true!” Trump tweeted.

Clinton, in conjunction with different Trump critics, have alleged that the president and his marketing campaign colluded with the Russians to win the election.

Trump later tweeted in February that the “Russian connection non-sense” is solely “an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.”

March 29, 2017: 141 days since the election

In certainly one of her first public speeches since she misplaced the election, Clinton excoriated the Trump management with out in fact the usage of Trump’s identify. She additionally blasted the present management and Congress for no longer together with sufficient girls.

Of Trump’s insurance policies, Clinton inspired the girls accumulated to “resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

“These are bad policies that will hurt people and take our country in the wrong direction,” she mentioned.

April 23, 2017: 166 days since the election

Trump is apparently nonetheless competing with Clinton for the in style vote.

“New polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is FAKE and almost always negative,” Trump tweeted. “Would still beat Hillary in popular vote.”

Trump then cited an ABC News/Washington Post ballot that he mentioned confirmed “almost all stand by their vote” for Trump.

May 2, 2017: 175 days since the election

Clinton took a jab at Trump all through a tv interview as he has ceaselessly excited about his lack of the in style vote in the election.

“He should worry less about the election and me winning the popular vote and more about other things,” the former secretary of state mentioned.

“Remember, I did win more than 3 million votes than my opponent,” Clinton added.

She additionally mentioned that she’s now a “private citizen” and “part of the resistance.”

May three, 2017: 176 days since the election

Focusing on nationwide safety threats from North Korea, Clinton criticized Trump for his penchant for tweeting.

“If [Trump] wants to tweet about me I’m happy to be the diversion because we’ve got lots of other things to worry about. And he should worry less about the election, and my winning the popular vote, than doing some other things that would be important to the country,” Clinton mentioned at an match in New York City.

May 24, 2017: 197 days since the election

Clinton harshly condemned Trump’s proposed price range plan after she was once commemorated by means of the Children’s Health Fund, a nonprofit in New York City. Clinton mentioned Republican lawmakers are “mounting an onslaught against the needs of children and people with disabilities, women and seniors.”

The price range “shows an unimaginable level of cruelty and lack of imagination and disdain for the struggles of millions of Americans, including millions of children,” she mentioned. “None of us can remain silent in the face of these attacks.”

“It hurts the well-being of children,” Clinton persisted. “It’s time to send a resounding message that we will not stand for this attack on the most vulnerable among us.”

May 26, 2017: 199 days since the election 

Clinton didn’t pass over a possibility to criticize the president whilst she delivered the graduation deal with at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

“When people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society,” Clinton mentioned. “That is not hyperbole; it is what authoritarian regimes throughout history have done … They attempt to control reality.”

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel spoke back to Clinton’s deal with by means of mentioning her remarks have been “a stark reminder why [she] lost in 2016.”

May 31, 2017: 204 days since the election

After Clinton positioned the blame of her presidential loss on plenty of causes — misogyny, Facebook and the Democratic National Committee, to call a couple of — Trump took to Twitter to mock his former opponent.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. Hits Facebook & even Dems & the DNC,” Trump tweeted, the usage of his favourite marketing campaign path nickname for Clinton.

Clinton fired again not up to an hour later, mocking Trump for an faulty however viral tweet he despatched previous in the day.

“People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe,” she mentioned.

This time, Trump’s son additionally were given in on the Twitter conflict.

“What house is he in again??? That’s what I thought. You’re trying too hard,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Wednesday evening.

The president’s tweet won greater than 23,000 retweets; Clinton’s won greater than 236,000.

July 10: 244 days since the election

As Trump got here below hearth for permitting his daughter, Ivanka, to sit down in his position all through a gathering at the G-20 summit, the president tried to flip the tables on Clinton’s personal daughter.

In a tweet Monday morning, Trump alleged that if Clinton would have let daughter Chelsea Clinton take a seat in for her, the media would have heralded the choice.

“If Chelsea Clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother, as her mother gave our country away, the Fake News would say CHELSEA FOR PRES!” Trump tweeted.

Chelsea Clinton were given in on the feud and spoke back on social media.

“Good morning Mr. President. It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Hoping not,” she tweeted.

July 12: 247 days since the election

Trump took to Twitter to rail on the alleged double requirements for Democrats.

“Why aren’t the same standards placed on the Democrats,” Trump tweeted. “Look what Hillary Clinton may have gotten away with. Disgraceful!”

July 16: 250 days since the election

As Trump’s son is criticized for assembly with a Russian legal professional who was once intended to have harmful details about Clinton all through the presidential marketing campaign, Trump defended his son on social media – whilst nonetheless criticizing his former opponent.

“Hillary Clinton can illegally get the questions to the Debate & delete 33,000 emails but my son Don is being scorned by the Fake News Media?” Trump tweeted.

Former CNN commentator and intervening time Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile admitted in March 2017 to sharing debate questions with the Clinton marketing campaign forward of the number one the city corridor match.  

July 22: 256 days since the election

Trump requested – on Twitter – why a different recommend or the legal professional normal isn’t investigating extra alleged crimes dedicated by means of former F.B.I. Director James Comey and Clinton.

In his tweet, Trump referenced the emails deleted from Clinton’s non-public server she used all through her tenure as secretary of state.

In an extra tweet, Trump once more in comparison his son’s publishing of emails relating a gathering with a Russian legal professional to Clinton’s personal dealing with of her e-mail server.

July 24: 258 days since the election

Trump addressed roughly 40,000 other people in West Virginia for the annual Boy Scout Jamboree – and couldn’t face up to taking a couple of jabs at Clinton.

He informed the crowd that the explanation why he gained Michigan was once as a result of he “worked hard there” in contrast to Clinton.

“You know, my opponent didn’t work hard there because she was told … she was going to win Michigan,” Trump mentioned.

Trump additionally repeated his questions on the investigation into imaginable collusion between the Russian executive and his marketing campaign all through the presidential election continues.

“So why aren’t the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered [Attorney General Jeff Sessions], looking into Crooked Hillarys [sic] crimes & Russia relations?” Trump tweeted

July 25: 259 days since the election

Trump referred to as into query the talent of his legal professional normal and the present F.B.I. leader to analyze Clinton.

The president mentioned Sessions “has taken a very weak position” on her alleged crimes – this time linking her to the Democratic National Committee’s server as neatly.

As for performing F.B.I. director Andrew McCabe, Trump mentioned that his spouse, who ran for a Virginia state senate seat remaining yr, won $700,000 in marketing campaign donations from Clinton.

However, McCabe’s spouse in fact won $467,500 from a political motion committee managed by means of Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-Va., an established Clinton best friend. Dr. Jill McCabe won an extra $292,500 from any other Democratic PAC. 

Sept. 13: 309 days since the election

As Clinton starts her e-book excursion throughout the nation, selling her memoir of the 2016 election referred to as “What Happened,” Trump dusted off his favourite marketing campaign nickname for her.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing [sic]) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction!” Trump tweeted past due Wednesday evening.

“The ‘deplorables’ came back to haunt Hillary. They expressed their feelings loud and clear,” he persisted in any other tweet. “She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!”

While Clinton apologized for calling Trump supporters “deplorable” at the time, she defended her use of the phrase previous this month in an interview with CBS News.

“I thought Trump was behaving in a deplorable manner. I thought a lot of his appeals to voters were deplorable. I thought his behavior, as we saw on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was deplorable. And there were a large number of people who didn’t care. It did not matter to them,” Clinton mentioned.

As the Daily Caller famous, the “deplorable” remark got here virtually a complete month earlier than the “Access Hollywood” tape was once launched. 

Sept. 21: 317 days since the election

When Trump met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the Asian chief used a phrase that Trump appreciated to listen to – “deplorable.” Using a translator, Moon mentioned North Korea’s movements have been “deplorable.”

“I am very happy that you used the word ‘deplorable,’” Trump mentioned. “I was very interested in that word.”

“It’s been a very lucky word for me and many millions of people,” he persisted.

In Clinton’s new memoir about the presidential election, she blamed her use of the phrase “deplorables” to explain Trump’s supporters, partially, for her loss. 

Oct. 13: 339 days since the election

While discussing the more than one sexual attack and harassment allegations towards film wealthy person Harvey Weinstein, Clinton mentioned there may be “someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

Clinton was once in all probability relating to the notorious “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005 that stuck Trump bragging that he may “do anything” to a girl on account of his standing. He additionally mentioned he may clutch “them by the p—-.”

Trump later apologized for his feedback and chalked them as much as “locker room talk.”

“The really sad part of the campaign was how this horrific tape, what he said about women in the past, what he said about women during the campaign, was discounted by a lot of voters,” Clinton informed BBC.

Oct. 16: 342 days since the election

Trump mentioned he want to see “Crooked Hillary Clinton” problem him in 2020. 

“I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020,” Trump tweeted. “My answer was: ‘I hope so!'”

Trump later reiterated his want for Clinton to run all through a press briefing in the Rose Garden. He additionally criticized her for sticking up for pro athletes who’ve selected to kneel all through the nationwide anthem in an indication of protest. 

Oct. 18: 344 days since the election

In reaction to the revelation that Comey drafted a commentary about the Clinton e-mail investigation months earlier than the probe was once finished or he even interviewed her, Trump blasted each the former F.B.I. director and Clinton on Twitter.

“As it turned out, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened to her,” Trump mentioned in a single tweet.

He additionally implied that the letter Comey wrote “exonerating Crooked Hillary Clinton” previous to the investigation’s finishing touch was once “obviously a fix.” 

Oct. 19: 345 days since the election

Trump used information about a debatable 2010 uranium deal made below the Obama management to blast the media – the usage of Clinton to take action.

“Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!” Trump tweeted.

The Hill reported that the F.B.I. is acutely aware of proof that Russian operatives used bribes and different grimy techniques to push for Moscow’s partial acquisition of a Canadian mining corporate that gave Russia partial regulate of a provide of uranium in the U.S.

People concerned with the transaction reportedly donated cash to the Clinton Foundation.

“The donations raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest for Secretary Clinton and the Obama administration,” Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has mentioned. 

Nov. 2: 359 days since the election

Former intervening time DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile claimed that the celebration rigged the number one in choose of Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

In reaction, Trump alleged that Clinton broke marketing campaign finance rules and is accountable of cash laundering.

“Donna Brazile just stated the DNC RIGGED the system to illegally steal the Primary from Bernie Sanders. Bought and paid for by Crooked H,” Trump tweeted. “This is real collusion and dishonesty. Major violation of Campaign Finance Laws and Money Laundering – where is our Justice Department?”

Later, in an interview with Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Trump persisted to criticize the DNC’s obvious involvement with Clinton.

“It’s illegal, number one, and it’s really very unfair to Bernie Sanders,” Trump mentioned.

Nov. three: 360 days since the election

Trump once more castigated the DNC and Clinton over allegations that the celebration “colluded” with Clinton at hand her the nomination.

“Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn’t looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems,” Trump tweeted early Friday. “New Donna B book says she paid for and stole the Dem Primary. What about the deleted E-mails, Uranium, Podesta, the Server, plus, plus…”

“People are angry. At some point the Justice Department, and the FBI, must do what is right and proper. The American public deserves it!” he persisted.

“The real story of Collusion is in Donna B’s new book. Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie!” Trump mentioned in any other tweet.

Trump additionally famous Friday morning that Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. – who Trump known as “Pocahontas” – spoke back in the affirmative when requested by means of CNN if she believed the DNC was once rigged in choose of Clinton. 

Nov. 17: 374 days since the election

In a video for the modern Mother Jones web page, Clinton puzzled the “legitimacy” of Trump’s presidency.

“I think there are lots of questions about its legitimacy,” the former secretary of state mentioned. She additionally steered that she believes Trump’s marketing campaign colluded with Russian officers to win the election.

Nov. 18: 375 days since the election

Trump inspired Clinton to “get on with [her] life” whilst he additionally apparently inspired her to run for president once more.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party,” the president tweeted. “Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!”

Nov. 28: 385 days since the election

Trump once more introduced up Clinton’s non-public e-mail server on Twitter.

Charles McCullough, the former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III, had informed Fox News that he and others confronted blowback from Clinton allies as they investigated Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail gadget all through her tenure as secretary of state. McCullough alleged that he was once knowledgeable he can be fired must Clinton win the 2016 election.

“Why aren’t our deep State authorities looking at this? Rigged & corrupt?” Trump tweeted. 

The Associated Press contributed to this document.

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