The best meal kit service is that the one that ticks the foremost boxes for you (yeah, you). There are fancy meal kits with concerned recipes, quick meal kits that assist you get a homemade dinner on the table in twenty minutes and budget-friendly meal kits that keep coin in your pocket whereas at the same time keeping you and yours fed. Gobble meal kits with boldness plan to marry speedy dishes with connoisseur recipes for attention-grabbing dinners prepared in less time than, say, Sunbasket and Blue Apron.

you recognize that previous saw “what’ earned with laborious labor is ingested with pleasure”? Well, Gobble doesn’t subscribe it. The meal kit service’ cheat card is doing most of the preparation for your kit and taking it one step additional than alternative services thus you’ll be able to get right down to the business of preparation and feeding your cooked salmon or chimichurri cut and pay less time prim onion or peeling carrots.

Tasty, attention-grabbing food created by you in only twenty minutes or so? Sounds pretty good, within theory, however the proof is often in the pudding. I’m not one to simply assume a meal kit accomplishes what it says it does, so I poached up a week’ price of Gobble meals to check if this fast-yet-fancy meal kit service may deliver on guarantees made.

Gobble meal kit review


  • On the expensive side
  • Recipes were hit or miss
  • Minimum order of three meals a week
  • Some ingredients weren’t super fresh

How Gobble works

Gobble works very similar to most others within the category. There are 3 plans to decide on from — Classic, Vegetarian and Lean & Clean — however you’ll be able to choose meals from other plans and therefore the value are the same, therefore don’t labor over this call for long. the sole other decisions you’ve got to form are whether or not you’d like meals for 2 or four people, and the way several recipes per week, three or four. It’ worth noting that another meal services permit you to order only two recipes per week.

Your box full of everything you would like to make your chosen recipes (except for oil and salt and pepper) is delivered once per week — unless you cancel or skip a week, that is simple to do. You’ll conjointly select either a weekday or weekday delivery. it ought to arrive between eight a.m. and 9 p.m.

Gobble meal kit review

What Gobble meals are like

Most of Gobble’ meals are healthy with a protein, vegetable or dish and a starch of some sort. There are many alimentary paste dishes, burgers and alternative comfort recipes if calorie reckoning isn’t your issue otherwise you need to splurge on occasion. Most of the dishes borrow inspiration from some world cooking with a great deal of Thai-inspired recipes however additionally Japanese, South and Central yank and Italian fare.

On any given week there are regarding twenty three recipes. Of those, thirteen are main dinner recipes enclosed together with your meal kit plan, and also the rest are a mixture of breakfast, appetizers, soups, snacks and desserts, which might be another on at an extra price. There are regarding four feeder meals per week and as several as 5 food options, that is over most services.

Most meals are customizable which suggests you can swap equal proteins for free as in shrimp for chicken or upgrade to a premium protein as in from chicken to a cobia filet or prime steak. you can also go from non-organic meat to organic. These upgrades cost many greenbacks and vary counting on the precise swap you’re making.

Gobble meal kit review

How easy are Gobble meals to prepare

These meal kits are extremely easy to prepare. While some can take as long as 30 minutes, most are around 20-25 minutes from start to finish and don’t require any laborious prep, which is always nice on a busy night. Whenever Gobble can take a step out of the equation such as dicing carrots or shredding cabbage, it does. Of all the services I’ve tried, Gobble’s meal kits were easily some of the easiest and fastest, overall.

Gobble meal kit review

The recipes I cooked and how they went

Cilantro pesto salmon with cauliflower couscous: This was tasty and quick to make. The pesto had great flavor although the sides needed a good hit of salt and pepper. The salmon was fresh both in smell and taste.

Sweet chili shrimp with coconut rice and Thai slaw: I wanted to love this one and it wasn’t terrible but the sauce was heavy with way too much mayo. I wish I hadn’t used the whole package of sauce. But I did, and there was really no going back.

Vegetarian tofu noodle bowl with peanut sauce: A tasty meal and one I threw together in under 20 minutes. The tofu was super tender and the flavors all worked wonderfully. A nice easy Thai takeout-style dinner.

Gobble meal kit review

What makes Gobble different from other meal kit services?

Gobble meals are easy to execute and many can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Hardly and of them take longer than 30 minutes, in my experience. But just because they’re fast doesn’t mean they’re basic: They can include interesting global dishes like pad Thai, Peruvian steak with Aji Verde and Japanese bento bowls.

Who is Gobble good for?

If you want speedy meals that don’t taste like they were quick-fire, then this is a good service. Many of Gobble’s meals take just 20 minutes to prepare but don’t taste like it. Because you can customize a lot of the meal kits it’s also a solid choice for picky eaters or folks with kids. Gobble also has a lot of seafood options — as many as five per week — which is great for someone trying to introduce more healthy fish recipes in their dinner routine.

Gobble meal kit review

Who is Gobble not so good for?

Because you have to choose at least three meals a week, this is not a good meal kit option for someone who can’t commit to cooking most nights. There are also just three plant-based offerings per week so I wouldn’t recommend this service for vegans or vegetarians (see here for better options). It’s on the expensive side so this is also not a great meal service for people on a budget (see here for the best cheap meal kits).

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Gobble support materials

The recipes were all clear and concise with glossy images of both the finished product and some of the keys step along the way. There was also a clear list of what cookware and tools to have handy as well as detailed nutritional information for each recipe.

Gobble meal kit review

How much does Gobble cost?

This one is simple. Meals are $12 a serving no matter how many or few you order. So, three dinner kits for two people each (six meals), will be $71.94 per week, plus $6.99 for shipping. For the record, this puts Gobble squarely in the expensive meal kit category.

Changing, skipping or canceling your meal kits

Between the website interface and a mobile app, Gobble spoon makes it very easy to skip weeks, change out recipes or pause your subscription. The deadline to skip or customize your Gobble box is Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. the week before your meals are scheduled to arrive.

Gobble meal kit review


The final word on Gobble

I love what Gobble is AN attempt to do. Boring and basic food is strictly that, boring and basic, however many people don’t have hours to pay designing and prepping for an “interesting” dinner each night. the concept of surgical operation most of the work for a gourmet-style meal may be a good one, and most of my Gobble recipes were undefeated in doing simply that. As somebody trying to eat a lot of fish but while not an honest fish market nearby, I additionally admired what number food recipes and seafood swap choices there have been on Gobble’ menu.

i’ll say that sure enough recipes, all those prepped ingredients do lose one thing within the method of freshness, particularly if it’ one in all the meal kits you cook last. My slaw, for instance, was pre-shredded and since I waited a couple of days to create it the cabbage had lost a bit snap. I additionally thought one of my recipes was tainted by a mayo-heavy sauce.

At this high-end of the meal kit valuation spectrum ($12 per serving), I’d offer the nod to Sunbasket or Martha Stewart and singer Spoon over Gobble. however it’ value noting, most recipes from those 2 meal delivery services can take longer and a spotlight than Gobble. If you wish to undertake your hand at thereforeme admirer fare however don’t want to commit a lot of time to try and do it, I say offer Gobble a try. To sweeten the deal, Gobble offers a low new subscriber deal — the initial six meals for $36 — so you actually don’t have much to lose.

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