These days, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a kid who is obsessed with “Moonbug Review,” the popular Netflix sing-along series featuring nursery rhymes and other fun adventures. And because the animated hit is one of the most-watched shows online. You’ll also have no trouble finding fun toys and CoComelon accessories to fill up your toddler’s playroom.

To help you shop for the little ones on your list, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best Moonbug toys to gift this holiday season. Tackle your holiday shopping with deals and expert advice delivered straight to your phone. Sign up for text message alerts from the deal-hunting team at Reviewed.


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CoComelon is the world’s biggest family YouTube channel with over 100 Million subscribers!

CoComelon’s catchy educational songs help preschoolers learn all the toddler basics. Such as letters and numbers, or animals and the sounds they make.

In a loving environment, CoComelon supports children in learning about healthy family values and relationships!

ARPO Robot Babysitter


A few years on, ARPO must now look after the adorable adopted baby Cookie, little sister to Danny, and face a whole new set of challenges brought by a toddler AND a baby AND three new robots.

With no dialogue, ARPO helps children between the ages 4 and 8 build an understanding of non-verbal communication like body language and facial expressions.

Lellobee City Farm


Lellobee City Farm is a music-based show for preschoolers set on an urban micro farm where children come together to learn life skills through catchy songs and play!

Filled with singing vegetables patches, friendly talking farm animals, and endless supply of tools and vehicles, Lellobee City Farm is a welcoming oasis in the middle of a culturally bustling  cosmopolitan city. It’s where good things grow!

Blippi Wonders


Ever curious Blippi sets off on comedic and fun adventures in his BlippiMobile along with his faithful sidekicks TABBS & FETCH, who help him find the answers to a burning question of the day.

This animated series allows us to take Blippi places he couldn’t normally go in live-actions and appeal audiences around the world.



Come explore the world with Blippi! There are so many exciting things to explore and learn.

Feed your kids’ curiosity while they learn about vehicles, animals, vocabulary, the natural world and so much more.



Follow the adventures of 5-year-old Mila and her magic pet Morphle, who can morph into anything Mila dreams up!

Loved by kids aged 3 to 6, and available in 12 languages, “My Magic Pet Morphle” teaches fundamental, fun lessons about friendship, problem-solving and creativity.

Go Buster


Play and learn with Buster, the curious and friendly yellow bus!

Loved by kids between the ages 2 and 5, Buster and his fantastic friends show kids how to overcome fears, explore new places, follow directions and learn how to play with others.

Mia’s Magic Playground


Join Mia and her best friends Oskar and Tilly as they explore and learn how to solve problems using their imagination.

Developed for children between the ages of 3 and 8, Moonbug’s first original show is set in the playground, where kids develop key social, creative, and problem solving skills.

Little Baby Bum


Sing along with 6-year-old Mia and her friends, in a world where animals can dance, buses are friends and rainy days are never boring!

Developed for kids between the ages of 1 and 4, but loved by children and parents alike, Little Baby Bum supports toddlers’ emotional, physical and cognitive development through classic and original nursery rhymes.



Meet Arpo, the commando robot-turned-nanny as he cares for mischief-maker baby Daniel and his meddling brother Joey!

With no dialogue, Arpo helps children between the ages 4 and 8 build an understanding of non-verbal communication like body language and facial expressions.

Playtime with Twinkle


Join our playful star Twinkle on a journey of discovery about the world around her!

Entertaining and educating preschoolers between the ages 1 and 3. Little ones will learn all about numbers, colors, and seasons alongside Twinkle and her fun friends!

Supa Strikas


Follow Shakes, Rasta and the rest of the Supa Strikas on their quest to become the world’s greatest football team!

Teaching the values of respect and teamwork to kids aged between 8 and 12 around the world, Supa Strikas is available in 27 languages across 100 countries.

T-Rex Ranch


Follow the Park Rangers of T-Rex Ranch on their action-packed dinosaur adventures!

T-Rex Ranch is a favorite of kids aged between 4 and 8, and now has over 1.7 million dino-loving fans on YouTube. Its imaginative storylines and CGI dinosaurs entertain while teaching kids about the natural and prehistoric world.

The Sharksons


Meet The Sharksons – an adorable family of sharks who love to sing, explore, dance and play.

They live in Splashy Reef, where parents Stanley and Flora work as underwater conservationists. Using diggers and excavators, they keep the ocean clean by collecting rubbish and taking it to the Plankton Recycling Plant. With catchy songs and fun underwater adventures, preschoolers will learn about environmentalism through songs in this sweet show!

Gecko’s Garage


Gecko’s Garage is an animated edutainment series for children aged between 2 and 5 set in a colorful world. That’s jam-packed with friendly vehicles, helper robots and a mechanic called Gecko.

As well as learning about different vehicles, Gecko’s Garage also helps with kids’ basic cognitive development by teaching preschoolers about colors, shapes and numbers.

Digley & Dazey


Digley & Dazey is the perfect show for toddlers who love shows with construction vehicles, cute characters, and fun stories!

The Digley a little excavator with big dreams, in contrast with his sister Dazey who is an energetic wrecking ball. Follow this fun educational show for preschoolers, as Digley & Dazey work, play and learn their way around life on a busy construction site.



In this animated science-fiction show for preschoolers, Kii and Yii travel to the future, meeting transforming cars to robot friends along the way.

KiiYii uses nursery rhymes and songs to help kids between the ages 1 and 4 develop an understanding of numbers, colors and vocabulary!

The Ring-a-Tangs


The Ring-a-Tangs are the best at being silly, but are also very talented musical performers!

Developed for and loved by kids aged between 2 and 5, but appealing to grown-ups too. The Ring-a-Tangs’ playful and musical approach to counting and spelling makes learning lots of fun.

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