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Those who know anything about designer brands or luxury shopping are probably already familiar with Neiman Marcus. This high-end department store sells adult clothing, children’s apparel, jewelry, handbags, gifts, and accessories. And that’s not all, you can even find Neiman Marcus furniture and home decor.

Neiman Marcus has been around for decades, and has definitely made a name for itself amongst shopaholics worldwide. With a whopping following of 1.5M on Instagram, the company’s success speaks for itself.

In 2020, D Magazine wrote an article on Neiman Marcus being the most referenced store in music. Additionally, the company has had countless media mentions across outlets such as Forbes, NY Times, and Vogue Business.

This Neiman Marcus review will explore just about everything relating to the brand. We will touch on the products they carry, customer ratings, exclusive promotions, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth the shopping trip.

Overview of Neiman Marcus

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Neiman Marcus made headlines when they filed for bankruptcy in 2020, but since then, the company has come out of it and plans to make a comeback. It operates under the Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., which is essentially a chain of American big-name department stores. They also own another iconic landmark, Bergdorf Goodman.

Neiman Marcus was founded way back in 1907 and has since maintained its commitment to giving back. Since 2013, 70% of their charity has been donated to non-profit organizations that provide youth with education in the arts. The remaining 30% of proceeds go toward other crucial programs and services.

Neiman Marcus began with the intention to provide customers with both style and value. To this day, the company aims to offer exemplary fashion and top-notch quality in the threads they carry. If you’re looking to spoil yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’ve only stumbled here because you’re curious about the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe, allow us to elaborate on this fun rumor. Apparently, in 1997, a woman tasted the treat at one of their cafes, and was delighted to hear that it would only cost her ‘two fifty’ for the recipe.

Unluckily for her, it was a misunderstanding and she charged $250! Neiman Marcus has since distributed the recipe for free, but the lore has stuck around.

This Neiman Marcus review will get into further details, but first, let’s look at some pros and cons of the Texan company.


  • Extensive range of designer brands offering clothing, accessories, and home decor
  • Established company with decades of experience
  • Several ongoing sales and items on clearance
  • Entire Neiman Marcus outlet section available
  • Free shipping on purchases over $100


  • Items are frequently out of stock

Neiman Marcus Shoes Review

Nothing says ‘treat yourself’ like browsing the shoes section of Neiman Marcus. Although it may be thrilling, it can also feel overwhelming when you’re presented with so many footwear options.

This Neiman Marcus review will now take a look into some best-selling sandals, slides, and boots that you can find online. Let’s go over some important points about the following pairs, shall we?

Neiman Marcus UGG Fluff Yeah Leopard Shearling Sandal Slippers Review

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Chances are you’ve seen this notorious pair of UGG Fluff Yeah Leopard Shearling Sandal Slippers all over social media. This ultra-popular style open-toed and features a 1.5-platform, adding a little pep to your step.

The leopard print design dyed sheep shearling, and the lining of the shoe made with sheepskin. If you’re into logo-mania, the Fluff Yeah Slippers also display an awesome slingback strap with ‘UGG’ branded across them.

These infamous slippers are pretty versatile, as you can wear them both indoors or outdoors. They’re the ideal combination of slipper meets sandal, making for a very comfortable yet trendsetting shoe.

These Fluff Yeah Leopard Slippers unfortunately sold out at the time of this Neiman Marcus review, but typically retail for $100.

Neiman Marcus UGG Neumel Suede Desert Boots, Chestnut Review

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These cozy UGG Neumel Suede Desert Boots in chestnut are a very popular men’s style. Recognized by the brand as their “iconic heritage chukka”, this timeless shoe lined with upcycled UGGpure wool and pure suede.

The soles of these kicks made with sturdy Treadlite by UGG, which makes them suitable for walks in colder weather. The Neumels feature a back loop and cotton laces, making them super easy to slide on when you’re in a hurry.

Take a stroll through the pumpkin patch in these UGG Neumel Suede Desert Boots, sold for $130 at Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus UGG Oh Yeah Slides Review

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The UGG Oh Yeah Slides are another fun, fuzzy shoe-slipper to add to your collection. Inspired by the traditional Fluff Yeahs but strappier, they resemble comfortable loungewear. When you’re indulging in those all-day Netflix marathons, these are perfect for sliding on during popcorn breaks.

These shoes feature the same sheepskin and dyed sheep shearling, UGG logo strap, outdoor-suitable sole, and 1.5-inch ‘flatform’. You can purchase the $100 Oh Yeah Slides in a variety of different colors at Neiman Marcus, including black, white, soft amethyst, and more.

Neiman Marcus UGG Fluffette Shearling Flat Slippers Review

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These UGG Fluffette Shearling Flat Slippers are everything you’d hope for in a slipper. Minimal, lightweight, and featuring a flexible outsole, they’re great for walking around the house. Your feet will thank you for never feeling cold in these fuzzy shoes, made with soft UGGpure wool.

The Flufettes are a classic backless style—plain and simple with no extra fuss. These are an ideal pair of “work from home shoes” for those long Monday afternoons. Unfortunately, they’re out of stock on the Neiman Marcus website and pricing details are unavailable. Keep an eye out for a comeback.

Neiman Marcus Balenciaga Embellished Platform Spike Texture Clog Review

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Getting into the more fashion-forward side of Neiman Marcus’ shoe section, these Balenciaga Embellished Platform Spike Texture Clogs are indeed an acquired taste. Reminiscent of Crocs, these platform clogs plastered with fun charms and buttons that cater to Balenciaga’s brand.

These clogs feature a 4-inch platform and a 4.5-inch layered wedge heel, providing you with a whole lot of height. This effortless slip-on style comes in the color ‘rosebonbon’ which is a baby pink shade, to clarify.

These eccentric Balenciaga Embellished Platform Spike Texture Clogs currently sold out. When we’re writing this Neiman Marcus review, but they originally retail for $416.

Neiman Marcus Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2.4 oz. Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum Review

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Moving on to fragrances! Neiman Marcus sells many luxury perfumes and colognes, one of them being the Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2.4 oz. Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum. Yes, this name is quite a mouthful, but it fits for such an elevated scent.

This intoxicating fragrance is a signature that features jasmine, cedar woods, saffron, and ambergris. Described by the brand as “a poetic alchemy”, this highly condensed Eau de Parfum gives you an air of masculinity and approachability.

If you’re in the market for an unconventional scent that feels fresh and daring, this Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance retails for $300.

Neiman Marcus Roja Parfums 3.4 oz. Exclusive Elysium Parfum Cologne Review

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Yet another quality fragrance from a brand that is known for using the finest blends. This Roja Parfums 3.4 oz. Exclusive Elysium Parfum Cologne is a fresh and dry men’s cologne, noted as a sensual scent with hints of lemon, lily of the valley, cedarwood, juniper berry, and more.

This delicious scent goes hand-in-hand with the airyness of summer, with its citrusy bursts and warm aroma. You can purchase the exclusive Elysium scent for $290, perhaps as a romantic gift? Or for yourself—there really are no rules!

Neiman Marcus SFERRA Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Review

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Nothing is more joyous than the SFERRA Needlepoint Christmas Stocking. From the personalized hand-stitched wool to the soft touch of velveteen. This festive piece the perfect touch of warmth needed to ring in the Christmas season.

This needlepoint gem is designed by a leader in the luxury linens industry, Sferra. With such great attention to detail, this stocking will quickly needle its way into becoming a staple in your traditional December decor.

This SFERRA Needlepoint Christmas Stocking is currently unavailable, but we hope that it comes back in ‘stock’ around the holidays, for $28.

Neiman Marcus Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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We’ve established that Neiman Marcus has been around for many decades and seems to have a loyal following on social media. This leads us to assume that the company is a trusted source for designer goods…but we don’t want to abruptly jump to any conclusions just yet!

This Neiman Marcus review took to the Internet to explore what customers really have to say about the company. Unfortunately, their site does not feature ratings for any of the products, so we had to go digging.

First, we stumbled upon some comments on ConsumerAffairs (318 of them, to be precise). Neiman Marcus scored a 3.9/5 star rating, so we decided to pay attention to the most recent findings. One buyer visited the New York location and wrote the following review:

“I surprised to find something I looking for in the store. Bought two items!…I wore one in the afternoon and one at night. I could not more pleased with the top shelf service I received as a mere mortal!”

Not bad! With that, we decided to explore other customer feedback websites to see if there were any patterns. Trustpilot held 132 reviews and a 1.8/5 star rating for Neiman Marcus and 4.1/5 stars out of 6 reviews for Neiman Marcus Group LLC. Despite the low score, many people gave shoutouts to specific employees for going above and beyond.

One young customer wrote, “I enjoyed my shopping experience with Neiman Marcus, especially with their employees helping me with buying jewelry and shoes for prom. Their service and commitment to satisfying my wants and needs were greatly appreciative to me. Made me feel beautiful and confident wearing them to my COVID-19 social distancing prom.”

A few others faced difficulties with the online store’s returns process, but this didn’t seem to apply to their physical locations. One buyer shared, “I have ordered a cute dress from Last Call. To my disappointment it did not fit. It was SO cute! The company was so good about returning it. Will use this company again!”

On Sitejabber, Neiman Marcus scored 3.5/5 stars out of 381 opinions. Customers raved about the packaging, excitement of shopping for many designer brands at once (especially for shoes and purses), and the attentiveness of customer service.

In conclusion, most of the positive testimonials that our Neiman Marcus review came across revolved around quality and professional in-store service, along with finding good deals for luxury labels.

Is Neiman Marcus Worth It?

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All things considered, this Neiman Marcus review would definitely recommend them. As we’ve pointed out, this is only one of several famous luxury stores in the US. And, it’s clear that buyers from all over the world shop at this retailer because of its reputation!

When first venturing into this review, we figured Neiman Marcus was of top quality in every sense, and that they would ensure customer satisfaction. Luckily, various testimonials confirm that the exceptional service matches the price tags.

Neiman Marcus Promotions & Discounts

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This Neiman Marcus review found various promotions and discounts for readers:

  • Take an extra 25% off clearance items; no Neiman Marcus coupon code needed
  • Receive free beauty samples with purchases of $150+
  • Shop the Neiman Marcus sale items at Last Call
  • 15% off of your order when you sign up for store emails; the company will provide you with a Neiman Marcus promo code

We also found that you can sign up for a Neiman Marcus credit card called InCircle, which will provide you with many perks. Some of these include:

  • Gain two InCircle points for every dollar spent using the credit card
  • 10,000 points can earn you a $100 point card to use on purchases (no exclusions)
  • If you open a credit card with Neiman Marcus and make a purchase that same day, you’ll get an instant 5,000 points

Where to Buy Neiman Marcus

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Neiman Marcus is a department store chain, so you can only purchase from them directly via their brick and mortar locations in the US or through neimanmarcus.com. To reference the store directory, visit their website.


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Who is Neiman Marcus owned by?

Neiman Marcus owned by the Neiman Marcus Group, located in Dallas, Texas. The stores 50% owned by the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Investment Board and 50% by Ares Management.

Is Neiman Marcus a luxury store?

Yes, Neiman Marcus is a chain of luxury department stores. It falls in the same category as other household names such as Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman. Due to all the brands they carry, Neiman Marcus’ price points are also fairly steep.

What sizes does Neiman Marcus have?

As Neiman Marcus is a department store that sells various brands, sizing will vary based on the individual label and article of clothing. With that being said, charts are provided for each item on the main website!

Does Neiman Marcus require a signature for delivery?

The brand uses FedEx as their main carrier, and some of their home deliveries do require a signature. So, depending on the contents and size of your order, you may have to be present for your Neiman Marcus package upon delivery.

How long does it take for Neiman Marcus to ship?

Once you place your order with Neiman Marcus, the processing time will vary, and the delivery time will depend on the following options:

  1. Free standard shipping: $0, arrives in 3–5 business days
  2. Second-day shipping: $15, arrives in 2–3 business days
  3. Next-day shipping: $25, arrives in 1–2 business days
  4. Same-day shipping: $20, arrives the same day

What is Neiman Marcus’s Shipping Policy?

This Neiman Marcus review found that they deliver worldwide. The international shipping fee will calculated according to your location at checkout. The company does not cover duties and taxes.

How do I return something to Neiman Marcus?

Concerning refunds, the Neiman Marcus returns policy states that buyers will have to reach out to their team within 30 days of receiving an order.

This Neiman Marcus review has compiled a few points to keep in mind:

  • Products have to be in their original packaging
  • Everything must be in pristine condition
  • Final sale items cannot returned
  • Shipping charges waived for 15 days; after that, a return fee of $10 will apply
  • A fee might also apply for heavier merchandise (such as home decor)
  • Your return will take 10–14 days to process

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