There’s a lot of aspects to handle for the establishment of your business. But, dealing with everything by yourself is very complex. Moreover, you need an expert to get the result of everything at their best level, and accordingly, make your business successful.

Fortunately, there are some online tools and websites that will help you to bring your business online very easily. For that, they provide easy to execute as well as simple to implement methods or steps that need no prerequisite designing skills, and also could be done in less time.

One such platform is Placeit. So let’s see how it could be beneficial for the growth of your eCommerce, in a detailed manner.

About Placeit

Placeit is a platform that offers logos, templates, animated videos, and mockups. If you are planning for a cloth selling platform, and for that, you need some instant designs to show off in a realistic as well as a professional manner. Then you can go for Placeit, and they cover a huge range of apparel mockups. Or you may need a logo for your business. Placeit has an easily operable logo maker that will contribute a lot to your e-commerce resulting in your store unique from rest and which further impacts your brand.

Besides logos and designs, they also provide covers, business cards, and a lot more, on which they offer a wide collection of free templates. Placeit ensures that their technology should contribute to creating high-quality logos with an eye-catching template that becomes an aid in making awesome powerful products and assets for your trademark.

Payment Plans on Placeit (PPP)

Placeit offers you a trial, through which you can know how the tools are working and what things they are offering. While exploring the tools, if you like something, then you can purchase it, they provide an option to get the subscription of your desired designing and marketing tool.

They offer primarily two subscription option:

  • Unlimited Subscription:

This category is further also classified into two sections- the first one is the monthly option, and the second one is the annual option. Under monthly subscription, you have to pay $19.95 per month and enjoy the effectiveness of the tools and services for a month.

And under the annual subscription, you will pay $19.95 per annum and enjoy the benefits of their providings for a year.

You can utilize as many assets as you require. Both options are very advantageous for you based on your requirements and uses. Like if you have some work and you found their whole product of different sections, very helpful for your work, then you could choose the monthly or the annual subscription according to your need and the period of that particular work.

  • Limited Subscription:

This is an option that enables you to do purchase an individual item. This category is for those who need a particular design or logo or short video, or anything. Then you can get that particular thing by paying only for that very thing. Like if you liked a single item, whether mockups or even a T-shirt design, you will make the payment for that item only, not for any subscription.

From where to start?

You can enjoy the tools and items present at Placeit, very easily. To do so, you need to sign up on Placeit through your email id and confirm their terms and conditions. And you are all set to contribute to your brand. And from next time, sign in and enjoy.

Tools they provide

Placeit offers a lot of tools that help a lot with your eCommerce website. Their providing includes- design, mockup, video, and logo maker for your business.

How to use a mockup generator?

  • Click on the ‘Mockup’ section present at the upper left corner of the page.
  • Choose a ‘Mockup’ that you want to enhance your product or business.
  • Browse through the Placeit library and select your desired or suitable template and design.
  • After selecting a suitable template, you can customize it, like could add some texts or could upload the image of your own.
  • After the customization, you download the item after making its payment. And the cost will be depending upon the model you have chosen.

How to design templates?

The template designing could be done in a few simple steps.

  • Click on ‘Designs’ at the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Select the type of resource you want to design.
  • Then customize the favorable template as per your desire or requirement by adding image, texts, font changing, and a lot more.
  • After customizing and applying everything, save and download the design, similarly as mentioned earlier. Also, you can take the subscription for downloading unlimited assets as much as you need.

How to use logo maker on Placeit?

  • Click on the ‘Logos’ section located beside the design section at the upper-left corner on the Placeit website. And then enter your business field.
  • Enter your brand’s name and browse through the recommended logos for it.
  • Or you can even customize or create as per your choice by enhancing different logos components.
  • Now and download it. But for downloading, you have the same simple payment requirement and method for downloading the logo.


Using Placeit tools is worthful to create videos, templets, or any mockup quickly, which impacts to boost up your sales and customer engagement rapidly. Moreover, it is very affordable, and you could utilize its items according to your budget.

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