SSLs .com, set up in 2002 is a developing organization and furthermore a main SSL Certificate authority. It gives the scope of SSL Certificates according to clients’ necessities.

SSL .com offers DV certificate to secure domain only, OV Certificate to ensure business identity, EV SSL Certificates to secure business. It also provides wildcard certificates to secure multiple sub-domains and SAN certificate to secure multiple domains. SSLs .com comes up with up to 256-bit encryption length and 99.9% browser compatibility, which help users to share their information safely over the Internet.


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SSL .com SSL Certificates

  • Basic SSL
  • Premium SSL
  • High Assurance SSL
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Enterprise EV SSL
  • Enterprise EV UCC / SAN SSL

SSL .com SSL Certificates Features & Prices



What type of SSL Certificate SSL .com provides?

SSL .com is one of a leading SSL certificate provider for many years, to satisfy their customers’ website security needs. They are offering domain validated, organization validated, extended validated, multi domain (SAN), Wildcard, UCC SSL certificates. They are also offering code signing certificate for software and application security.

What documents are required for EV SSL Certificate validation?

SSL .com will verify both domain and business information. So, for domain verification the issuer need to turn its domain registrar’s information public and for business validation, SSLs .com will verify all business legal documents. Once they satisfy with the documentation process, they issue the SSL Certificate.

How to recognize SSL .com Extended Validated SSL Certificate?

Sync_IIS_Certificate-Form 222

SSLs .com premium EV SSL Certificate comes up with 2048-bit signature and 256-bit SHA-2 encryption key, it displays green address bar and organization name in URL which indicators of Extended Validated SSL Certificate. SSL information also shows the website encrypted with SSLs .com EV SSL Certificate.

How SSL .com warranty claim works?

As per SSLs .com’s statement, if any how the SSL Certificate misused then the SSL issuer can claim for warranty form SSLs .com.

How much time it takes to issue SSL Certificates from SSL .com?

SSLs .com takes time as give below to issue SSL Certificate

  • Domain validation – Instant within minutes
  • Business/Organization Validation – up to 2 business days
  • Extended Validation – Up to 5 business days.

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