The Cold Plunge is an immersion tub that helps users improve their health with all of the benefits that submerging in cold water can offer. The tub was launched in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when the founder’s spa was shut down, but it has already been purchased by thousands of people who want to experience all the benefits of a cold water spa without having to leave home.

What is the Cold Plunge?

Anyone who has exerted their body at the gym or in sports knows the soothing effect that an ice bath can have. This exposure to cold temperature offers many health benefits for consumers, allowing them to put their feet or entire body in cold water, but setting it up can take a lot of work. The creators behind The Cold Plunge sought to make this type of self-care easier to achieve, so they launched some at-home products that users can take advantage of.

Also referred to simply as The Plunge, The Cold Plunge helps users get the benefits of being fully immersed in cold water. The wellness company has developed a few different models to help users get what they want from this exposure. According to some studies, cold immersion can help users improve their energy levels, improve recovery after physical exertion, improve the user’s mood, and increase immunity. It also supports fat loss and helps the user to sleep better at night.

This model was developed by Michael Garret of Arizona, launching the Cold Plunge in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, his original venture, float spas, was shut down in March 2020, but his research on cold plunges led him to develop an affordable at-home alternative. With many improvements, he was able to develop The Plunge alongside partner Ryan Duey. While the first 20 models came out of a garage, their progress has made it possible to develop them at a much faster pace in a new facility.

The Models

Instead of offering just one immersion tub, there are two standard options and two options for commercial use. The Cold Plunge is the main device, allowing users to reach temperatures that are just above freezing. The Hot & Cold Plunge can go from 50 to over 100 degrees, which is especially helpful to individuals who want to take advantage of hot and cold therapy after workouts. These models measure about the same length and width as a standard bathtub at 5.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide.

If these main models are not big enough, users can choose the Plunge XL, which is six inches longer and 1.5 inches wider than standard options. It offers the same range of temperatures, and users can still get the Hot & Cold Plunge as an XL size.

While the benefits vary slightly, users who purchase The Cold Plunge will get:

  • An insulated spa cover to protect from debris and maintain temperature.
  • Access to a video library to use The Plunge properly.
  • A cell phone holder.
  • A tablet holder.
  • A hose filter.
  • A skimmer net.

Users can also get a water maintenance package for an additional $190 to keep their tub kept up as best as possible. Plus, all of the models are compatible with indoor or outdoor use.

For consumers who need a little guidance on getting the best benefits from any of these options, check out the videos on the official website.

Additional Supplies

Along with the immersion tubs, consumers have access to many supplies and accessories online that can improve the experience and perform necessary maintenance. The other supplies offered include:

  • A six-pack of filters for $36
  • A carbon hose filter for $28
  • Test strips for chemicals for $25
  • A sanitizer that cleans the water without chlorine or other chemicals for $36
  • Additional accessories and supplies can be found on their website.

What Are the Benefits of The Plunge?

The whole point of being able to access this type of support is to improve the overall health of the user. It stimulates the immune system and improves blood flow, which can help individuals who suffer from chronic pain. It can increase metabolism, making it easier to burn more calories, even when the workout ends. Several studies have shown that cold water therapy has several benefits and can be used to help improve athletic performance by enhancing the recovery of muscles after strenuous exercise.

Some people use The Plunge to support their mental health as well. This cold immersion can improve the user’s energy levels, mood, and resilience. Cold plunging increases the natural production of norepinephrine, which can help individuals who suffer from depression.

The cooling effect of this tub is ideal for anyone who regularly deals with stress as well. Studies show that immersion triggers a network of vessels and nerves called the autonomic nervous system. It is the part of the body that controls stress, which includes both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Most people start sleeping better when cold immersion becomes a regular part of their routine by improving relaxation and stress.

The Cold Plunge Reviews

Setting Up The Plunge

One of the reasons that The Plunge immersion tub is so beneficial is because it can be set up rather easily at home. Once it is delivered, users can fill the Plunge with a hose until it is at their preferred water level. Then, they turn on the tub as they set their preferred temperature. Reaching that temperature will depend on how cold or hot the water is when it initially goes into the tub; usually, the water temperature will change about 2.5 degrees per hour.

Purchasing an Immersion Tub from The Cold Plunge

Customers who want to purchase an immersion tub for their use can do so affordably on the official website. There are a few models to choose from, which include:

  • The Plunge (a.k.a. The Cold Plunge): $4,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge: $5,490
  • Cold Plunge Pro: $5,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge Pro: $6,490
  • Plunge Pro XL: $6,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL:$7,490

Users can add a 3-year protection plan for $294.99 or a 5-year protection plan for $589.99, which will be added to their order at checkout.

While the standard models are meant for individual users, the Pro models should be used in locations that will serve at least five customers an hour with the tub. These models are delivered with free shipping, and the contiguous United States can all have in-home delivery. New orders can take up to 10 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Cold Plunge

How long will it take to set up?

The whole point of The Cold Plunge is that it is easy to set up and use. The device just needs to be placed on a sturdy surface near a GFCI 110 outlet. The majority of the time that the user spends on setting up this device will be waiting for the water to fill it up.

How is delivery arranged?

When users set up their order, they’ll get a notification via email to set up their delivery date and time. The people who deliver the tub will need access to a place on the first floor, and they’ll take away all packing materials when they are done. The initial setup takes about 15 minutes once it is unpackaged.

How cold will the water get?

When left to cool for enough time, The Cold Plunge can reach temperatures as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the height and weight limits for The Cold Plunge?

The Cold Plunge can offer benefits to people of all sizes. According to Michael Garret (the creator), he can fit in this tub, and his full height is 6’6”.Generally, the standard size will work for anyone 6″2″ or shorter; if you are taller than that, you may want to look into the Plunge XL.

Will users need to change out the water?

Not at all. All of the Plunge units include an exclusive filtration system, which means that users can keep clear water in this device for up to six months before it needs to be changed out.

How is The Plunge different from The Plunge Pro?

While the Plunge Pro works for facilities that serve multiple people (up to 5 per hour), the standard Plunge is ideal for individuals who want this device for individual use. Even in the summer heat, it can keep the water mid-40s.

Can The Cold Plunge go outside?

Yes. The Plunge can be set up indoors or outdoors, depending on what users want. For individuals who want to consistently keep temperatures at 39 degrees, the user should use the Plunge Pro. To prevent freezing in environments that become cold, the creators recommend the Hot & Cold Plunge.

Is there any way to prevent children from getting into the Cold Plunge?

Yes. Every Plunge comes with a spa cover to insulate it, which can be fixed in place with clips on the ends of the straps. While the creators can’t guarantee that the customer’s children won’t unclip the cover, this is one way to preserve the integrity of The Plunge while not in use.

How much power does the Cold Plunge take to run?

The amount of power needed to keep the Cold Plunge at the desired temperature will depend on the exposure to sunlight, outside temperature, and the current temp that it is set at. For example, if the user keeps The Plunge at 45 degrees with an outdoor temperature of 72 degrees, the total cost comes out to less than a dollar per day for their electric bill.

How long does it take the water to become cool?

When preparing The Plunge indoors, the temperature drops by 2.5 per hour; however, The Plunge Pro comes down by 8-10 degrees an hour.

How long does it take to heat the water with the Hot & Cold Plunge?

This model goes from 50 to 103 degrees, taking about 12 hours to make the transition.

Is the Cold Plunge noisy?

The Cold Plunge sounds like a mildly noisy fan, which is no louder than the bubbling of a hot tub.

Final Thoughts

The Cold Plunge makes it possible for anyone to get the health benefits of cold water immersion without the mess and stress of creating an ice bath in their tub. Users can find everything they need to keep The Plunge clean on the official website, allowing them to only fill up the tub twice yearly because of the unique filtration system. It even includes an adaptation that makes hose water free of contaminants. With options for personal and commercial use, this tub could change how consumers heal, sleep, and live with regular use.

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