Sellers cannot afford to overlook the influence of Walmart reviews, both positive and negative, Walmart on eCommerce revenue. As much as 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends, and 90% of online shoppers read customer reviews before making a purchase. With such a powerful reach, building positive reviews and managing negative ones becomes vital for Walmart every eCommerce business.

Walmart Reviews build trust in a virtual world, where customers can’t see and feel the product before purchasing. Customers use reviews to learn more about the product, to get answers to questions, and eventually get more comfortable making a purchase.


How important are reviews in eCommerce?

  • Gaining 50 or more reviews per product can result in a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.
  • More than half of all customers are more likely to make a purchase from websites that support user reviews.
  • Reviews produce approximately 18% more sales.
  • If you have 4 or more negative articles about your company on the first page of search, you risk losing 70% of would-be customers.
  • 94% of people have avoided a business due to an online review.
  • Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business.

In 2016, Walmart had more than 16 million products for sale, and that number has only grown over the years. To reach Walmart’s 110 million unique visitors, you’ll need every competitive edge you can get. Walmart reviews can play a key role in increasing profits from your eCommerce business, while maintaining a healthy brand perception.

How the Walmart review process works

Shoppers can leave two different types of reviews: A marketplace retailer review and a product review.

Walmart marketplace retailer review

A marketplace retailer review focused on the seller, so these types of reviews will include delivery time, shipping methods, customer service, and the like. These reviews help others who are considering purchasing from the same retailer, even if it’s a different product.

Although we will be focusing on how to get product reviews for this article. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your marketplace retailer reviews stay healthy.

  • Enable Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping: Delivering items quickly and efficiently is key to good customer experience, and a cornerstone of what the retailer reviews cover.
  • Respond to any questions that a customer may send in less than 1 business day. If you don’t have the answer yet, send a quick response saying you’ve received their query and will connect them with the best person to answer.
  • Fix any shipping issues immediately. If a package is going to arrive late, let your customer know as soon as possible. If it’s already late, offer refunds and other options to make it right.

Ensure seamless Walmart fulfillment today

Walmart product review

Product reviews must focused on the products (or listings). Comments might include the product quality, size, whether the photos were misleading, and the like.

There are 3 ways a buyer can leave a product review:

  1. A few weeks after a buyer orders an item, Walmart automatically emails an invitation to review that purchase. There will be a link to the review form within that email.
  2. Buyers can go to the order detail page from their account and select the “Review this product” link.
  3. Even if someone didn’t purchase an item from Walmart, they can still leave a review on a listing if they own that item by selecting “Write a Review” beside the review snapshot.

8 Tips for how to get product reviews on Walmart

Use Bazaarvoice to generate reviews

Bazaarvoice a trusted user-generated content provider for Walmart. Historically, Walmart has used Bazaarvoice to collect reviews and display them across their product pages.  Today, their services have evolved to include collecting and displaying customer photos and videos, powering the Q&A feature on their product pages, and running their Spark Sampling Reviewer Program.


Make the ask

According to Search Engine Land, 70% of consumers will leave a business review when asked. So, it’s worth making the ask. Look for creative ways to encourage consumers to leave reviews, such as connecting on social media with your fans.

Answer questions

Walmart’s product pages include a question-and-answer feature, which powered by Bazaarvoice. In the Q&A feature, customers can ask a question about a product, which can be answered by the seller, a previous purchaser, or anyone with insight about the product.

According to a Bazaarvoice study, products see a 98% average conversion lift when shoppers engage in Q&A on major retail sites like Walmart. Consumers value the shared knowledge of sellers and other consumers who have purchased that product.

Respond to negative reviews

Just as reviews are a way to build trust between customers, seller responses to bad reviews create trust between. The customer and the seller, empowering the customer to buy confidently. In fact, 53% of consumers expect brands to respond to negative reviews within a week. But 63% say that a business has never responded to their review.

Negative reviews are never good for business, but having a professional sellers response to negative reviews can work to restore trust.

Use social media

You likely already use social media to enhance your brand’s online image. So why not use that content on your product pages on Walmart? If you find something nice written about you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, consider adding their testimonials and user-generated images to your page (especially if you don’t have any reviews yet).

Include a review request in your packages

Asking for a review at the moment the customer receives the item is a great way to increase review coverage. Consider packaging your products so that they all include a CTA to leave a review on Walmart (and instructions on how to do so) if they are happy with their item.

If a simple request doesn’t work, consider incentivizing your reviews. For example, include entries into a sweepstakes or a percentage off their next purchase in exchange for honest feedback. You can even use bonus points from an existing loyalty program.

Tip: Do not add a review request as an extra insert that your fulfillment provider has to handle. This will slow down your delivery times and creates room for human error.

Send product samples

Walmart has a Spark Reviewer program run by Bazaarvoice that enables sellers to provide free product samples of new items to a select group of customers. The invitation-only Spark Reviewer program filled with shoppers. Who have earned trust on Walmart with their accurate and insightful history of reviews.

“Spark Reviewer is an invitation-only sampling program to get our newest and best products in the hands of our top customers in exchange for totally honest reviews.” – Walmart

Some of your biggest boosts in conversion rates occur between 0 and 10 reviews. So you should always aim for a minimum of 10 reviews for each listing. The Spark Reviewer program can help you get reviews for your new or season items.

As a bonus, reviews for brand new products can help you fix any manufacturing issues early on.

Provide a great customer experience

Last but not least, provide an A+ customer experience to encourage even more reviews. Deliver your products undamaged, send the right product as it described, delivery on time, and make everything as easy and delightful as possible for your buyers.


The power of consumer reviews is increasingly clear. Product reviews and user-generated content add authenticity to eCommerce purchases, making. It easier for a consumer to hit that “add to cart” button. Utilizing these tips as a part of your marketing strategy can help build that necessary trust between the seller and consumer. So you can effectively drive conversions and grow your online business.

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