It is always a great idea to indulge in retail therapy. However, in the last few years, eCommerce marketplaces have seen tremendous success. The kind of products and variety they are offering at a very nominal price range to all is unbelievable. There is nothing that is not available on these platforms. No wonder, there are various options to choose but the one platform which has made a special place in the hearts of people is AliExpress. This is the biggest eCommerce marketplace that offers a huge variety of products that can be purchased from the comfort of your couch.

With the introduction of the eCommerce platform, it has become a smooth ride for everyone to get their hands on the best of products within a few clicks. With AliExpress you can have access to the best of the products without compromising anything. Since, 2010, this brand is offering a huge collection of fashion clothes, kitchen goods, sports goods, etc. No matter what you are in search of, it is going to sort out your problems and will help you get the best products at an affordable price.

About the brand


AliExpress is known to be a Chinese platform that offers products from various Chinese companies. This is the best brand that has been successful in bringing small producers together to sell various kinds of products like clothing, accessories, sporting goods, and a lot more.

The brand came into existence in the year 2010 by the Alibaba Group and succeeded with the idea to bring small Chinese producers to one place. The founder of this brand is Jack Ma and its headquarter is located in Hangzhou, China. One can easily compare AliExpress with other ecommerce brands like Amazon or eBay which similarly sell products of Chinese producers.

Also, AliExpress has a predecessor which is Taobao and is dedicated to the Chinese public only. However, it is known to sell outside China and Chinese customers have no access to it. Also, it is highly successful in countries like Brazil, the United States, Russia, and even Spain. The brand is constantly working to offer a variety of products to its consumers like small kitchen appliances, clothing, sports goods, and much more. There is also an option to translate the website into languages such as Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, etc.

Despite being a Chinese brand, AliExpress aims to fetch a global audience and sell most of its products to international buyers. However, to serve customers in China, Alibaba uses its other subsidiary e-commerce platform, Taobao with Alipay as the primary payment method.

The business model of Ali Express

The platform began as a business-to-business buying as well as selling portal. Since that time, it has extended to consumer-to-consumer, cloud computing, as well as business-to-consumer, etc. Also, in the year 2016, it ran its website in various languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Polish, etc. which broaden its customer base. Moreover, the platform is used as a dropship business model by various e-commerce stores. It is different than others as it connects various Chinese businesses across the globe buyers.

What does it offer?

The brand offers a versatile range of products under several categories mentioned below:

  • Men’s fashion: Here, men can find out numerous options in the subcategories such as outerwear, jackets, loungewear, innerwear, bottoms, accessories, hot sale products, etc.
  • Women’s fashion: Here, women can find out a versatile range of clothing and accessories under subcategories such as weddings & events, women’s underwear, women’s fashion, beach and lounge, accessories, and summer sales.
  • Kids: Under this category, the brand offers an infinite range of kids’ toys, clothes, accessories, dresses, and hot selling products for various age groups.
  • Computer, office & security: Here, all the office-goers and working professionals can find out a versatile range of products under subcategories like office electronics, computer networking, components and peripherals, laptops, storage devices, etc.
  • Outdoor and Sports products: Here, one can find out products under subcategories such as water sports, sneakers, sportswear, equipment and accessories, cycling and scooters, fishing products, etc.
  • Electronic products: Here, one can shop for various electronic products such as cameras and photos, smart electronics, audio accessories, video games, etc.
  • Home, pet, and appliances: Here, the brand offers various products under subcategories such as arts, kitchen, celebration, pet products, household items, home storage, garden supplies, home textiles, furniture, etc.
  • Beauty, health & hair: Here, the brand offers various products under subcategories such as hair weaves, makeup, healthcare, personal care, nails art, tattoo products, synthetic hair, lace wigs, adult items, etc.
  • Automobiles and motorcycles: If you are an auto freak then one can find out various auto products under subcategories such as auto replacement parts, car electronics, interior, and exterior accessories, tools and equipment, etc.
  • Bags and shoes: If you are searching for a versatile collection of bags and shoes then the brand offers various subcategories such as women’s luggage and bags, men’s luggage and bags, men’s and women’s shoes, etc.
  • Phones and telecommunications: Under this category, the brand offers various products such as mobile phones and accessories, cases & covers, mobile parts, communication equipment, etc
  • Home improvement and tools: If you are looking for home improvement products and tools then visit this category. Here, the brand offers indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, hardware tools, kitchen fixtures, tools, etc

Popular Categories


The one thing that sets AliExpress apart from others is its wide range of product offerings. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to fashion, household goods, sports goods, etc. Every product is offered by Chinese producers and it meets your demands and choices.

However, the brand has some popular categories such as:

  • Clothing – The brand offers all sorts of clothes for men, women, and even children. No matter whether you are in search of men’s trousers, ladies’ tops, kid’s jackets, etc. you can get everything under one roof without compromising the quality or budget.
  • Jewellery – Fashion accessories are available for both men and women, be it, bracelets, chains, necklaces, rings, etc. It has beautiful jewelry for everyone.
  • Gardening goods – Finding the right gardening goods can be a daunting task. With Ali Express, you can enjoy various gardening tools like fork, spade, sickle, gloves, boos, rake, shovel, etc. without fretting about anything.
  • Home appliances – Shopping for home appliances at an affordable price range is like a dream come true. It offers beautiful home appliances like tables, chairs, mats, curtains, etc.
  • Beauty products – Getting hands-on trendy beauty products like makeup vanity, lens container, specs, goggles, etc. can make you stylish and fashionable.

What made it successful?


AliExpress as a successful eCommerce platform has achieved great heights of success within a short duration of time. There are many reasons behind its success and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Fast fashion – The brand is known to offer fast fashion to its customers which means every person has access to various new fashion trends which sets them apart from others. This is the best way to keep engaging new customers every year.
  • Affordability – It is known to offer a huge variety of goods without allowing the customers to compromise with their budget. Affordability is the main reason behind the success of this brand.
  • Huge variety of products – It is not only famous for its fashionable clothes but also a huge variety of products. The buyers have the opportunity to buy certain products for their home, kitchen, school, kid’s toys, sports goods, gardening products, accessories, and much more. It undoubtedly completes the demands of every person.

Why choose Ali Express?

AliExpress is known for offering various types of products, starting from categories like fashion clothes, home accessories, gardening products, sports goods, accessories, shoes, mobile accessories, etc. No wonder, the collection of goods is amazing but at the same time everything comes under the nominal price range which makes it easy for the buyers to spend more money.

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