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Quality fashion doing good for the world? much unheard of…right? DIFF Eyewear proves that assumption wrong through their charitable mission that operates aboard the sale of each try of glasses sold.

This company has been in business since 2014 and has hit the bottom running once it involves promoting and media.

Worn by celebrities comparable to Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner, Mario Lopez, Scott Disick, and lots of more, this complete has engineered up its name through influencers and celebs to spice up its product and message.

With nearly 670k followers on Instagram and featured in well-liked media outlets such as Forbes and also the new york Times, DIFF Eyewear goes sturdy with its product and packaging to bring {a new|a replacement|a complete new} promoting game to the media.

while we admit their strategy is strong, this DIFF Eyewear review can break down the brand by product, client testimonials, competitors, FAQs, and a lot of to see whether or not or not the company is actually worth buying from.

Overview of DIFF Eyewear

DIFF Review

Chad Jernigan, Zach Gordan, and Chad Dimes launched this company in November of 2014, wanting for a way to mix business with corrective the world around them.

supported the two principles of cheap eyewear and doing one thing smart for the world, this complete launched itself into the market with a solid plan.

From day one, common influencers, celebrities, and reality stars were approached to market this business and their mission. for each try of glasses sold, this company provides free reading glasses or eye exams to those in need.

This charitable goal has enlarged to include eye surgeries and medications, currently having helped over two million people since their beginning.

Through taking part in into the general public interest concerning celebrities and figureheads, DIFF Eyewear has created an enormous splash with their complete increasing well into the public eye.

This Southern Calif. company still operates from their home base however has emotional into the international market with ease.

wanting nearer into the main points behind the brand, we’ve got some highlights for you to seem over:


  • Extensive line of glasses and sunglasses (both prescription and non-prescription) that suit every style
  • Charitable goal that donates reading glasses, eye surgeries, eye exams, and medications with every sale made
  • The brand has received many positive DIFF Eyewear reviews and praise from a number of A-list celebrities
  • Durable design
  • Affordable prices compared to other high-end brands
  • Financing options available through Afterpay

DIFF Review

This DIFF Eyewear review has put the pros and cons in place, so let’s take a look at out a number of the goods that constructed this brand. All shades bought include a tour case and cleansing material to preserve the purchase good as new.

DIFF Eyewear Sunglasses Review

To see or to not see, that’s the question. The answer? To see. Always, to see. And with DIFF Eyewear’s most well liked sunglasses, that’s made potential on the brightest of days. Prescription or customary lens, this complete has it all thus we’re showing off a number of their best.

DIFF Eyewear Milo Review

DIFF Review

Admit it, looking good may be a massive a part of why we get what we buy. The DIFF Eyewear milo shades bring that horny look to life as shortly as they’re fell on.

utterly framing any face, these dark lens glasses are often rocked by anyone with their androgynous build.

Their scratch-resistant lenses maintain quality to stay each image clear as ever, block out the rays while not blocking the view. 100% UVA protective, these shades are the beach’s best friend.

whether they’re resting on your head, framing the face, or hanging from a shirt collar, these glasses are sure to add that further dash of pure fashion.

The uber-chic milo maize shades are available for $90. If you’re a disciple of this style, inspect the DIFF Eyewear riley design.

DIFF Eyewear Dime Review

DIFF Review

Round out your style with the DIFF Eyewear Dime, a fun shell frame that looks straight out of the movies.

Celebrate the classic shell frame with these dark tortoise shades. Darkened lenses remove glare and keep eyes fresh on the sunniest day.

Fun in shape and traditional in style, these frames go with any summer look and are sure to bring out the compliments whether you’re at the beach or sipping a latte in a café.

If you love the shape and are looking for more color, check out the DIFF Eyewear Dime II. Blue lenses, pops of pattern, and more make these shades a party.

At the time of this DIFF Eyewear review, these frames are down from their regular $90 price to a low $30.

DIFF Eyewear Cruz Review

DIFF Review

Cruise through life in style with the DIFF Eyewear Cruz sunglasses.

Accompanying any outfit with ease, these shades are a sure-fire way to make an entrance with their classic aviator design.

Perfect for any Top Gun enthusiast out there, these $100 premium scratch-resistant polymer lenses sit comfortably with their lightweight frame.

DIFF Eyewear Kota Review 

DIFF Review

Lighten up the look with the DIFF Eyewear Kota specs – gray in frame and lens, this casual look feels at home in any season.

Simple in color and design, these shades aren’t meant to steal the show but enhance the image. Complementing any outfit, the smoky gray frame has a way of leveling up your look in one easy accessory.

Comfortable, light, and protected, these DIFF Eyewear polarized lenses will block out that annoying glare to keep you looking cool all day.

These smoky frames are usually $90, but you can grab them on sale for $30.

DIFF Eyewear Kota II Review 

DIFF Review

Love the previous style? Check out their latest twist on a favorite of this brand. The DIFF Eyewear Kota II sees the last style and raises the bet on a stunning fashion that everyone will love.

Solid frames and lenses turn this quality piece into a keeper. Running straight across the top, these black frames cut a clean look on any face shape.

Scratch-resistant by design, they’re a perfect wear on any sunny day to keep the look calm, cool, and collected.

Regularly, these sunglasses go for $90, but at the time of this DIFF Eyewear review, they’re on for a cool $40.

DIFF Eyewear Becky Review

DIFF Review

Here’s a fun item for those looking for a statement piece. The DIFF Eyewear Becky shades are a popular pair made for fashion standing out.

Steal the show when entering any room wearing these DIFF Eyewear rose lenses. Glistening like pink lemonade set in their golden frames, these glasses just scream summer.

Worn by Katie Thurston, Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, and more, these $90 frames have become a favorite online due to their sleek feminine form.

DIFF Eyewear Bella Review 

DIFF Review

Is it just us, or can we totally see Paris Hilton wearing the DIFF Eyewear Bella frames?

Dark, dramatic, and a sure way to compliment any look, these frames are here to make a statement.

Sleek black frames and lenses provide that perfect level of mystery for every event, leaving you camera-ready at the notice. Join the list of celebrities in love with these $112 oversized frames that not only look great but reduce glare to protect sight at all costs.

Want something with a bit more of a pop? Check out the DIFF Eyewear JOJO design.

DIFF Eyewear Cruz Review

DIFF Review

Sun rays aren’t the only thing to protect eyes from – some of the worst daily strain comes from the blue light of the screens and monitors we’re surrounded by every day.

The DIFF Eyewear Cruz glasses kept the fun style but altered the lenses to reduce that strain and filter blue light every night.

DIFF Eyewear blue light glasses have been quite popular online, modeled by Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and many more.

These frames fit the retro style perfectly, throwing it back to the ‘70s and ‘80s. Light in weight and color, these frames are perfect for the work and play of every day.

These glasses typically go for $85, but lucky for you, DIFF Eyewear review reader, they’re on sale for only $20.

Does DIFF Eyewear Have A Warranty? 

DIFF Review

DIFF Eyewear products have a year-long warranty on all products. This covers damages and defects, but be sure to read the fine print when purchasing to know what exactly is included.

Who Is DIFF Eyewear For? 

DIFF Review

Do you like being blinded by the sun? No? Then DIFF Eyewear is for you.

Seriously though, this brand includes a variety of styles to cater to every fashion. Simple and cost-effective, this brand includes DIFF Eyewear men’s, women’s, and kids’ glasses. Whether a prescription is required or just some shade from the sun, this company covers it all.

Moving beyond sun protection, DIFF Eyewear has expanded to blue light glasses. Not sure where blue light comes from? Check out the screen you’re reading this on (unless you’re a renegade who printed this out on paper… if so, we salute you).

Preventing damage in every way they can, this brand was born from the desire to promote eye health and safety for all.

Comparison: DIFF Eyewear vs. Raen

DIFF Review

Sunglasses companies in California are dime a dozen due to the sunny skies and beautiful weather. What makes a company stand out these days is the fashion and marketing to make the brand bigger than before.

DIFF Eyewear has had a solid plan from day one, but another competing company on the horizon is Raen.

Raen was founded in 2008 and has become a favorite of celebrities such as Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Shay Mitchell, and more. Built to last, these shades offer twists on classic styles that suit everyone.

So, what should you be looking for when shopping? What makes one brand better than the other? Ultimately, it shakes out to personal preference, but we’ve got some key elements to keep in mind.

  • Mission – The goal behind every business may not alter the products, but they definitely can change how we feel about them. Raen keeps things simple by dedicating their business to handcrafted and trusted work to make durable sunglasses.

That’s a great mission, but DIFF Eyewear takes that goal to a new level by basing their business around humanitarian efforts. The founders of DIFF Eyewear have stated that quality comes first with their company.

They refuse to sacrifice their builds to save expenses and have stated on many occasions that “humanitarian need won’t be lost to monetary greed.” What more can you ask for?

  • Products – Both companies offer a wide range of sunglasses in styles for men, women, and children. The difference here is alternate apparel and accessories.

These are offered by Raen – not that there’s a lot of stock here, but even the few extra pieces make a difference.

  • Price – Here’s the big one that we all stop to consider before buying. If cost is where you look first, then DIFF Eyewear is the one to choose. This brand’s regular prices equal Raen’s sales prices, so that alone should say it all.

We know this is a DIFF Eyewear review, but we also promised to remain impartial and be honest in our look at the company.

That said, if prices are at the top of your list, then that’s the brand to choose. It also helps to know that every pair bought lets the brand donate to those in need regarding eye and vision services.

Why not help someone out while spending money on a product? It’s a gift to others and yourself all at once.

DIFF Eyewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DIFF Review

We can’t end this DIFF Eyewear review without turning to those that built up the business – the customers. Looking at the thousands of brand reviews online, we’ll be taking in all the good and the bad reported about this brand.

Starting on the company site, this brand has garnered thousands of 4-star and 5-star reviews for products and the business itself. From praising the mission to the styles and prices, customers are in love with the honesty and dependability of DIFF Eyewear.

Price and deals besides the fact that DIFF gives back to others in need when you buy stylish shades.

Customers can’t stop talking about the selection of styles and integrity of this business’s model. One customer posted, “Buying Diff Eye-wear is for a good cause, plus they’re super cute and great quality!

This popular brand has exploded online and across Reddit, there are a number of posts dedicated to the sunglasses. Obsessed with their look and the influencers that post about them, fans have taken to finding their own pairs to match that celeb style.

One Redditor commented, “I bought a pair of polarized sunglasses and blue light blocking ones for the office. I really like them both – good quality, nice packaging, and doesn’t give me a headache from wearing them too long.

Their sunglasses and blue light glasses seem to be growing in demand, especially as more studies regarding blue light strain on the eyes are released. These durable designs have been commented on lasting several years without any wear.

Products have thousands of comments on their website, and while Amazon listings have fewer reviews, ratings are still quite high.

Check out some of the top DIFF Eyewear products on Amazon:

  • DIFF Eyewear Bella II: 4.5/5-stars based on 100 ratings
  • DIFF Eyewear Bella: 4.5/5-stars based on over 45 ratings
  • DIFF Eyewear Becky: 4.2/5-stars based on over 35 ratings
  • DIFF Eyewear Carson: 4.2/5-stars based on over 115 ratings

While these popular shades don’t have as many ratings as the brand website, the high ratings speak for themselves. These stylish sunglasses garner attention wherever they’re sold, but buying directly from the brand ensures that the donation is made to a good cause.

Is DIFF Eyewear Worth It?

DIFF Review

DIFF Eyewear offers quality built glasses for a decent price. Not only are their products good, but their ultimate goal is one worthy of admiration. Through an equal scale donation set-up, this brand gives as much as it gets and makes every purchase worth it.

If buying for the cool styles and decent prices isn’t enough, then think about the 2 million individuals who have benefitted from this brand’s success since their launch. It’s safe to say this one is worth the cost and then some.

DIFF Eyewear Promotions & Discounts 

DIFF Review

DIFF Eyewear comes at a more affordable cost than most known brands, but for anyone looking to save more, promotions are everywhere.

From spinning wheels of discounts to holiday promotions, this brand was built to save you money. Multiple times a year, a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal is offered, so make sure to check in often to catch the best deals.

What is DIFF Eyewear’s Return Policy?

Order gone wrong? Suffering buyer’s remorse? There’s a simple way to handle it – DIFF Eyewear offers returns on all products aside from clearance items.

For standard glasses, there’s a 30-day return policy for a full refund on products. Prescription glasses are only eligible to be returned up to 14 days after the date of delivery, so be sure to test them out upon arrival to know whether or not they work for you.

For a full return, contact customer service with the request and further instructions on the process. All you need for a return is a few simple pieces:

  • Unworn/new product
  • Invoice
  • Original packaging

All refunds will have $6 deducted for standard shipping fees. If an exchange is what you’re after, then prices differ with insured shipping costs ranging from $10 to $30 depending on the service.

If the order arrives damaged or defective, contact customer service right away. Warranty extends for a year after purchase, so those repairs should be covered by the company, saving you time and money.

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