Are you interested to know about Backcountry? If you are reading still, it means you may be love outdoors. Even camping, hiking.

If that sounds like you, you’ve heard of Backcountry. But, I can hear your thoughts.

Is Backcountry legit or scam? Can we trust them?

I have all the right answers for you. The nooks and cranny of Backcountry is right here for you to see. What say? Get cozy, and keep scrolling before your purchase for your next hiking trip!

Backcountry Review

Here you will find a super honest review of the site Backcountry. What there is to know about the site, all is here for you to see. No hiding! Whether it is legit, how it works, features, amazing discounts! All is covered here.

How well customers like or or hate it. And also its shipping or returns policies. I piece out all there is to understand! Hang on tight, this review will be worth your time. I promise.

What is Backcountry

Backcountry is a retailing online store for clothing and outdoor gear. They have all sorts of camping, outting, sports gear for a perfect day out.

They’re well known for really awesome sales all year long.


Backcountry Features

01# Men’s: Backcountry holds a range of cool, laid back clothing choices for men. Starting from everyday essentials to more dressy styles. Jackets

Pants, Shirts, Underwear & Baselayers, Shorts, Footwear. Everything a man needs is right here in this section of the site.

02# Women’s: Jackets, tops, pants, dresses and skirts, swimwear, footwear. These items are all there for women. Absolutely anything you might require, starting from a good jacket for the chilly seasons to something to dazzle your feet in; Backcountry is your guy.

03# Kids: Let us not forget about the kids! So much stuff is there for kids. Even infants’ clothings is there. Just, wow. The arrangement of goodies for kids are amazing to the eyes. It covers pretty much everything you need to buy for younger ones.

04# Activities: The most exciting feature is defining one. Whether it is hiking, camping, biking or snowboarding. The range of activity related gears they have for you are just a killer. Starting from shoe gear, to outerwear for that specific activity. They have in store exactly what you need around your sport.

How cool is this? I think for people who love sports, or love being outdoors and remain active, this site is a gem. And their reputation only adds to that charm. We’ll find out more about the site in just a second.

Is Backcountry legit?

The real question is here. And I have the answer.

I won’t beat around the bush, Backcountry is legit!

You can stop doubting now, as they won’t scam your money.

However! The only small issues that arise with them are very minor and easily balance out with all the pros. Customers have raised some dissatisfaction, but we will get into it in later parts of this review.

For now, they’re not a scam. They don’t steal your money. They have good returns policies and you can claim any complaints to their hotline. Easy peazy!

Backcountry Website & Contact Information

Let’s talk about their website. Their handle goes by backcountry And the set up of the site is very travel nostalgic, sort of aesthetic. It’s one that will pull you into buying their products.

So I give that a good rating, they know their audience and what they want to see. The design of the site is very minimalistic. It’s to the point and displays everything you need to see including product listing and prices.

Have questions? Contact one of their Gearheads on Live Chat or by calling 1.800.409.4502. They’re always super responsive.

How Backcountry works?

If you love camping or the outdoors, you want to know how Backcountry works. I feel you.

Good for you! How the site works is pretty simple! Just like any retail online shop.

You look up from the list of products they have, take it to cart, apply any sort of codes if you have. Then viola! You’re set. You make your payment, and the item ships to you.

Pretty standard stuff! But reviews say Backcountry is quite legit in what they do and their feedbacks are always good.

Backcountry Discount & Promos

The best parts about any retailing store are..drum rolls.
Discounts! The saving some dimes aspect is well loved. I love some good discounts, alright.

Upon going to Backcountry’s page, you’ll see really bold signs of discounts. They have annual semi-yearly sales of 50%, while you get 15% off the minute you subscribe to them.

That’s some insane way of saving some money. Everything you need to ensure you buy your products in an cheap way.

Backcountry Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping policy is standard shipping. Purchases over $50 are free deliveries. They arrive in 4-6 business days. Next day air orders are also available, but need to be placed before 12:00 PM beforehand.

But some restrictions are there to those shipments, such as it excludes PO boxes deliveries. And some items like bike gears, helmets or such aren’t shipped for next day air orders.

Now for the returns policy.

They state that new, unused gear must be returned in the condition the customers have received it. The original packaged box with tags has to be there intact. The flat rate of UPS charge is $6 and you can return it for 100% refund.

However, they do offer some returns for used or damaged goods. Within 30 days of delivery, the damaged or used products can be returned for store credit in the Backcountry account.

Backcountry Competitors

Yikes. What can I say? Competition is there for every site. But for Backcountry, they have some good ones against them.

  • Moosejaw

Moosejaw is specializing in selling outdoors gears. Just like Backcountry, they have some fierce selection of items. They’re good, reliable, and well known.

Tough call, Backcountry!

  • Adidas Outdoors

Adidas is a household name. Everyone knows who they are. So, since they have an outdoors collection, it gets hard for Backcountry to remain unique.

So, they gotta step up their game!

Backcountry Customer Satisfaction

Backcountry is quite well-known and loved by outdoor enthusiastic people. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good site.

However, their average rating is ⅖ stars if you skim the internet. That is because some of their international customers do not get the same products on display. And most of the customers do say they’re not too satisfied with their services.

That’s a real bummer. But aside from that, customers have liked their approach and customer care. There is not too much to complain about as a whole. One word of advice would be to check what you’re buying. So, you know what to keep or what to return.


Well, Backcountry is legit! They don’t play you, but they have its good and bad sides. Aside from this, the site is really good for outdoorsy people.

Are you wondering if you should buy from them? My review is aimed to help you decide! I hope it helped you get a taste of how

Backcountry works. I know I’ve gotten some items from them, and I was not displeased.

Happy shopping, camper!

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