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You’ve just bought an item on Etsy and want to leave your feedback to the store owner? It’s possible for you to write a review on the seller’s page within 100 days after the estimated shipping date.

LitCommerce will be showing you:

  • A brief introduction of Etsy.
  • A few reasons why you should write a review on Etsy.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to leave, edit and delete a review on Etsy.

What is Etsy? Is Etsy Trustworthy?

Before jumping right into the guide on how to write a review on Etsy, let’s take a look at what Etsy is and what this marketplace can do for you.

Etsy is a global eCommerce marketplace that mainly serves to purchase and sell handmade, vintage items or craft supplies.

Since it was released in 2005, Etsy has constantly developed and become one of the ideal marketplaces for merchants all around the world to expand sales channels. According to BuiltWith, this E-market ranked 3rd in the top non-platform on the entire internet.

Etsy Review

Even with the negative impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Etsy is still one of the most favorable marketplaces for both merchants and shoppers all around the world. According to its 2019 and 2020 annual report, the eCommerce platform drove over $6 billion in U.S. seller economics output.

So, if you are asking “Is Etsy Trustworthy?”, the answer is absolutely YES!

What Makes Etsy Special? 

  • Unique Products: Unlike eBay or Amazon, Etsy’s target customers are small businesses and merchants who are interested in unique items. You can easily find a large assortment of handmade, customized, personalized, vintage, and craft supply products from all over the world.
  • Global Reach: One of the reasons why so many sellers and buyers choose to use Etsy is the worldwide connection. Its core geographic markets are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and France. You can easily interact across borders even if buyers do not speak the same language and wish to transact in different currencies.
  • Connection Between Etsy Buyers and Sellers: Etsy ensures the listed items are brought to life by real people. With Etsy, buyers are able to connect directly with sellers (who created the product) so they can ask questions and personalize or customize items to suit their needs.

There are currently approximately 65 million items listed on the Etsy marketplace and the number is still rising. However, along with the rapid increase in the number of items, shoppers have to face the problem of picking the best option among so many other choices.

Consequently, they need a strong fulcrum to lean on and make the decisions to buy their needed items. Aside from Etsy SEO ranking, reviews are exactly trustworthy evidence for the quality of the products.

How To Leave A Review On Etsy? 

Etsy allows you to leave a review and rating for the product quality through a review system with several specifications and requirements, such as:

  • You can only review products that appear in your Etsy account after being purchased by you.
  • In case you bought a product without logging in, you can claim the order to your new or existing account and leave a review.
  • You only have 100 days after the purchase to write a review on a product.
  • The reviewed product must be bought on Etsy.com or Etsy app.

You can easily leave a review on Etsy – one of the top marketplaces in 2022 on your purchases page by following the guide below:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Log into Etsy.com and click on “Your account”, then go to “Purchases and reviews”.

Etsy Review

Step 2: Find products to leave a review on Etsy

Find the item you want to review.

Step 3: Write your product’s review

Next, it’s time to write a review on Etsy. Your review must be at least five words long. You can also upload a photo (optional) to accompany your review by clicking the camera icon. You can rate the products on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

Step 4: Post your review on Etsy

Then, end your process by clicking on “Post Your Review”.

Etsy Review
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You will see your review and others’ on the seller’s page as well as the item page. Reviews cannot be deleted by anyone, but can be edited by their own posters.

How To Edit A Review On Etsy?

To edit review on Etsy, the review must be delivered within the 100-day period. After the given time, your review will be locked in and it can’t be edited or deleted.

In addition, if the seller responds to a review, the review is automatically locked and it won’t be possible to edit it further.

Before getting into it, you should note that you can’t edit reviews of 3 stars or fewer that are responded to by the seller, even if they delete their response afterwards. So in case your review can still be edited, here’s how to do it.

  • Step 1: Log in to Etsy.com and click on “Your account”, then go to “Purchases and reviews”
Etsy Review
  • Step 2: Find the review you want to edit and click on “Edit review”.
Etsy Review

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  • Step 3: Change the star rating and text as needed, then select “Post your review” when you’re done.

Etsy Review
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How To Delete A Review On Etsy?

To delete a review on Etsy, the review must be delivered within the 100-day period. After the given time, your review will be locked in and it can’t be edited or deleted.

Remember that if you delete a review, Etsy may not let you write a new one.

If you want to change a review, like in a situation where you want to increase the star rating to reflect good customer service, it’s better to edit instead of deleting to be on the safe side.

To delete a review on Etsy, navigate to the  “Purchases and Reviews”, find the review that you want to delete and edit accordingly.

Why Should You Leave A Review On Etsy?

As said above, reviews are a crucial factor that helps buyers to make more informed choices. In addition, they also improve the connection and understanding between sellers and buyers.

Hence, this surely brings more convenience for the buying process as well as increasing the quality of customer service which benefits both sides.

There are many reasons as to why you should write a review on Etsy:

  • Useful information for other customers

Everyone has a tendency to make decisions based on recommendations from other people.. Reviews work in a similar way. Positive reviews give customers more trust in the products and encourage them to purchase.

By contrast, they will be less likely to buy if they meet bad feedback, such as delivery delay, crashing items and so on. Thus, each review contributes a vital part to customers’ journey and helps other buyers make wiser decisions, and gives the business another vital source of customer feedback.

  • Show your feeling about products

Many people desire to share their purchase experiences with others. They want to express their happiness and satisfaction when receiving a good item and also disappointment and anger with bad ones. Buyers write a review on Etsy not only to help other customers but also give a helping hand to improve the seller’s service or product.

Etsy Review
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  • Contribute to the community

Leaving a review after buying a product has been becoming a good habit and a trend of customers in the online market.

Thanks to reviews on websites, you can easily connect with other customers as well as store owners, creating a positive culture when shopping online, namely not leaving a toxic review; ensuring product quality and so on. It’s always good to write a review on Etsy as well as any other marketplaces after making a purchase.

How To Leave A Review On Etsy? FAQs

  • How to review on Etsy?

To write a review on Etsy, you need to login to your account → Access the “Purchases and reviews” → Find the products to review → Write your review on Etsy → Publish.

  • Why can’t I leave a review on Etsy?

If you cannot leave a review on Etsy, it could be because you’re not a registered Etsy user. Etsy limits the ability to leave reviews so that its system isn’t abused so the real customers who leave reviews are verified as actual buyers.

  • How to report a review on Etsy?
To report a review, click “Report this review” under the review you want to report. You can report a review until 100 days after the estimated delivery date of that item.
  • How to ask for a review on Etsy?

You are a seller on Etsy, and you want to ask for customer reviews of your product/items. Do ask for reviews via: Confirmation Page and Email, Insert Cards, etc.

  • How do I leave a review on Etsy as a guest?

You cannot leave a review on Etsy as a guest. You must prove that you are a verified customer by claiming the purchase of the product you want to write a review.

First, find the email you received from [email protected] when you bought the item/product. Click on the order number in the first line of the receipt. Follow the prompts to create an account. The order will be linked to your new account, and you’ll be able to leave a review.

Final Words

Etsy is a great option for both buying products and making money online. Apart from this marketplace, merchants are also following the trend and expanding their business to multiple sales channels such as Amazon or Ebay.

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