People who love physical activity and train hard to achieve terribly toned bodies have always had a typical pain: the issue in shopping for clothes. A niche that the Bulking company completed and shortly started to act. But, when all, is Bulking reliable ? You can check it move into this review, prepared?

when I observe very match people, I don’t mean fit those that move to the gym. Here the target is that the strong, higher referred to as bodybuilders.precisely as a result of they’re extremely strong, with Brobdingnagian muscles bulging each in their arms and legs and abdomen, imagine attempting to decorate a person like that even with a standard GG t-shirt. Don’t roll!it had been Bulking , from Goiás , within the Center-West of Brazil, who completed this got to supply men’ and women’ training clothes designed and move match these super buff bodies.according to the company, the launches focus on the mortal public, in addition to any and every one athletes who will train with quality and style.The new collection is Dagger , with versatile t-shirts and tank ace with exclusive modeling, excellent for casual wear both at the gym and on the street, always valuing a well-defined body.a remarkable point in Bulking ‘ collections is that they’re created in neutral tones, like black, white and gray, favorite colours of the robust for valuing muscles and for practicality, though there are items in different colors, such as green and burgundy.

Another field of the complete is that the price benefit. In relevance major sports fashion brands, Bulking is not bad: it manages to supply engaging costs on its pieces while not breaking the consumer’ pocket.

The brand continues to be growing its presence on social media. Bulking ‘ Instagram has 190k followers . Then comes the Facebook fanpage , with 48,400 people .

to understand the fashion planned by Bulking that has been conquering consumers everywhere the country, I ready a close review for you, with a number of the brand’ favorite products, thus you can build your selections consciously.

Bulking overview


Bulking is a company from Goiânia (GO) specialised in sports fashion for the person public and athletes in general.

It manufactures men’ gymnasium clothes and things equivalent to gym shirts, tank tops, jogger pants, men’ compression pants and shorts, additionally to marketing accessories such as caps and perfume.

It additionally encompasses a covering line for match women, with leggings, tops, blouses, pants, overalls, bodysuits, dresses and shorts.

however is Bulking any good? Is Bulking Reliable ? Before showing you some merchandise that are favorites of the strong, however concerning some initial professionals and cons?


  • It has an online store in a protected environment for the security of customers’ financial data
  • Pieces made of 100% cotton fabric that adjust to the body
  • Variety of payment options
  • Free shipping on purchases over R$ 399 via PAC
  • It is always renewing its portfolio with launches in men’s and women ‘s fitness clothing .
  • He works with a team of designers who create differentiated pieces both in terms of prints and cut.
  • The brand also sells its pieces wholesale.


  • It does not have an evaluation on the Reclame Aqui platform
  • Several Bulking Woman pieces missing from the website
  • Social networks with little interaction in posts, which gives room for improvement

Bulking: Review


Bulking ‘s flagship is men’s gym clothes in the bodybuilder segment, as well as any athlete who wants to train and be present in style.

The brand works with t-shirts, training tank tops , shorts and pants that are characterized by their unique design and malleable fabrics that perfectly adjust to the body, enhancing the healed shape, as in the products evaluated in this review.

Bulking Flag T-Shirt



The Bulking Flag T -Shirt is ideal for men with bold style and full of attitude. It’s as much a gym shirt as it is for walking down the street.

The piece is made of premium 100% cotton fabric, features an exclusive longline design with a rounded hem and stands out for its impeccable finish.

Available in green , the shirt can be found in sizes S , L and XL .

The Bulking Flag Shirt costs BRL 99 (or 6x of BRL 16.50 ) at Bulking ‘s online store .

Bulking Boss T-Shirt


The Bulking T-Shirt Boss rescues a classic model of the brand in a new color, but without losing the attitude.

Produced in exclusive modeling, it is made of extra light, resistant and elastic viscolycra, providing comfort and adjusting perfectly to the body.

Available in black , the shirt can be found in sizes and L .

The Bulking T-Shirt Boss costs BRL 99 (or 6x of BRL 16.50 ) at Bulking ‘s online store .

Bulking Regata Dragon


The Bulking Regata Dragon stands out for its exclusive front and side silk print, high quality finish and exclusive design.

The piece is made of premium fabric with 30 100% cotton yarn, has a V-shaped bar and front cutout that bring modernity to the piece.

Available in white , the tank top can be found in sizes and XL .

The Bulking Regata Dragon costs BRL 89 (or 6x of BRL 14.83 ) at the Bulking online store .

Bulking Regata Cruz


The Bulking Regata Cruz is one of the pieces that stands out the most in the brand’s portfolio, both for the cut and the print.

It has on its back in silk the image of the cross, one of the most known and oldest symbols of humanity, in addition to the numbers 14/27, which refer to the biblical verse (John 14:27) and also the phrase “Fear is a Liar”: “Fear is a liar.”

The piece is a little wider at the shoulders, has a curved hem and a slightly longer length at the back. It is made of 100% cotton fabric and has a high standard finish.

Available in black , the tank top can be found in sizes S , M , and XL .

The Bulking Regata Cruz costs BRL 75.65 (or 6x of BRL 12.61 ) at the Bulking online store .

Bulking Jogger Army Pants


The Bulking Jogger Army Pants has special cutouts to enhance your physical shape and stand out wherever you go.

It is made of premium fabric with high elasticity and exclusive modeling that adjusts to the body. It comes with side and back pockets, print and side label, eyelet finishing and adjustable drawstring.

Available in black , the pants can be found in sizes and XL .

The Bulking Jogger Army Pants costs BRL 179 (or 6x of BRL 29.83 ) at Bulking ‘s online store .

Bulking Vest Luxxor 20


If you are looking for a modern, versatile and stylish piece for your wardrobe, the Vest Luxxor 20 is ideal for those who want to enhance their physical shape.

The piece has a premium finish and exclusive modeling with textured fabric and metal label on the back. Comes with a cross front zipper and roll collar. In addition, it has two side pockets.

Available in black , the vest can be found in sizes S , and XL .

The Bulking Vest Luxxor 20 costs BRL 189 (or 6x of BRL 31.50 ) at Bulking ‘s online store .

Bulking: What do customers like?


Bulking customers are keen to leave feedback about the products on the brand’s online store and also on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook .

Internet user Fabrício Macedo approved the Bulking Jogger Defender Pants : “My pants arrived. Too top!! I highly recommend”.

Another praised product was the regatta from the Performance Athlete collection , made with dry fabric, which is light and provides quick drying during training: “I’m addicted to this dry”, said Vitor Chaves.

Internet user Dani Mendes approved Bulking ‘s gray sweatshirt : “How beautiful!!!! Quality that speaks”.

Danilo Lirio highlighted the quality of the Flag T -shirt : “I have a white and red one, perfect material and top cut. Congratulations are in order,” he praised.

But there are also those who complain, like Marcos Ludher: “The quality of Bulking ‘s products is excellent. The bad thing is the slow delivery.”

On the brand’s website there is space for customers to evaluate, such as Luciano S., who bought the Red Code T -shirt :

“The quality of the t-shirts is really superior, really good! The design, shape and fit are perfect, both for ordinary people and for us, marombeiros! It wears super well and values ​​the shape too much, it really draws attention!”

Marcos L. summed up well the difficulty of buying clothes as a 110kg bodybuilder, by rating the Lifestyle T -shirt with 5 stars :

“Very high quality and comfortable shirts. It fits perfectly in the shape, since with 110kg it’s hard to find clothes that look good. They look great with everything from boots and jeans to sneakers and hoodies. I identified a lot with the brand.”

Internet users Marcos C. and Eduardo M. bought the Dry Flexing Black T -shirt and said they liked the product so much that they would recommend it to a friend.

Uilson S. approved the Platinum Black Lifestyle Long Sleeve T -Shirt : “High quality standard piece… Bulking as always sending very well scented, light and very comfortable fabric… I highly recommend it”.

Bulking: Claim Here


Bulking does not have an index on the Reclame Aqui platform because not enough complaints were registered to generate an evaluation.

Thus, it is not possible to know if the company faces problems regarding the quality of its products, delays in deliveries or any situation regarding the quality of customer service.

Is bulking good?


Bulking is good, yes. Customers who left written reviews on the brand’s website and social networks mainly praise the design and quality of the pieces for sale.

A characteristic that consumers point out is that the pieces reflect well the lifestyle inside and outside the gym, with boldness and differentiated cuts in the market.

Another advantage is that the company also sells wholesale and sends its products all over Brazil.

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