Hi there lovelies. I am so glad you’re here to read my review. I hope you came here to know more about Hello Molly.

After all, these sorts of retailing sites can seem a bit scammy. Are they real or fake? Are they legit in what they do? I know what you may be thinking.

To answer all your burning questions, I made this super honest review. I’ll go into full details of the most asked questions regarding Hello Molly.

Let’s get it started, you want to stick around to know the rest. Believe me! (Bonus is waiting at the end with hot discount codes)

Hello Molly Review

Here you will find the most honest review of Hello Molly. So much exciting news and information lined up here only for you. I go into whether they’re legit or not. Also, how their website works.

What is Hello Molly?

Hello Molly is a retail store with clothing items for women, and girls. It was founded in 2012 with a fast-growing customer presence. Its mission is to deliver trendy items with ease as everyone deserves it.

Hello Molly operates their deliveries in more than 130 countries and counting. They are based in Australia, in the sunny city of Sydney. They bring to you the hottest and trendiest women’s clothing.

Is Hello Molly legit?

Now, let’s slow down a bit.

Answering that question isn’t so easy. There are hundreds of reviews out there saying this. But it is true. Legit or not is a pretty hard question.

But Hello Molly is not kidding with you. They’re quite real. They are legit in what they do and strive to deliver. Their customer services are rated as excellent across the internet. And reviews have them at a good rating too! So, there isn’t much to worry about them. They won’t spam you or cheat on you.

They’re legit. Now you can relax and read the rest of the review. They have some epic deals too, you want to be here for that.

Features of Hello Molly

You are probably wondering about its features. So, I won’t waste time. I’ll tell you what they feature on their website. Just keep reading to know the super trendy and on-brand looks they sport.

  • Dresses: They have a variety of dresses to choose from. Playful, formal, flowy, tight fit- they have it all. Many customers head here, especially for their dresses which are unique and very trendy.

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Playsuits: Playsuits are also a favorite with them. Girls love these pants plus top combo which makes you look elegant yet fun! Have a look here if you are into playsuits.

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Tops: They have a variety of lovely and youthful tops. Fit for all-sized women and girls!

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Bottoms: Bottoms like pants, skirts, and shorts, all are here to find. They’re super cute and fashionable to look at, even if you are not buying.

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Most loved: The most popular items are here. You can see how much those items have been selected by a lot of customers.

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Shoes: Shoes galore! Just wait till you see their amazing list of sandals, heels, flats, and boots!

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Accessories: Starting from necklaces all the way to cute and shiny belts, this section is fit for all women and girls.

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Swim: Swimwear is also something they are great at. Bikinis, one-pieces, such items are here. Super chic and trendy!

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Sale and collection: They have a sale section for lower-priced items. And another section for collections. They are rare and unique pieces you’ll find.

Hello Molly Dresses

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  • Self-love: They have a section dedicated to all things self-pleasure. They have adult toys, condoms, and self-pleasing items which are much needed for enjoying life. No shame here, ladies!

Hello Molly Dresses

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Hello Molly Website & Contact Information

I know you want a sneak peek into their website content. I’ll do the digging here to let you know that and more. Their handle goes by hellomolly.com

Their website sports their branding color which is a soft pink. The images are sharp and crisp and super trendy as they want to be. The products are shown as you scroll and descriptions are also added.

The hover button makes things easier to see. You can select or search for products on their site using their navigations on the corners of the website.

If you face any issue, their awesome customer service team is there for you. Just shoot your message here;
Phone: +61 2 9017 0300 and for general inquiries you can email [email protected]. For returns and exchanges, you can email [email protected].

Hello Molly Shipping and Returns policy

Their shipment policy is free for orders over $50 and there is a charge of $6 on lesser amount orders. That is AUS dollars. And the time frame is around 4-9 days for standard deliveries and 2-4 days for express. For express, they charge up to $20 more depending on your purchase amount.

As for returns, they take back their non-sale products within 30 days of purchase. Fill up their form. And you got to mail the products back at:

Hello Molly
PO Box 286
Strawberry Hills
NSW 2012

Discounts of Hello Molly

They have running discounts on their site as well as super cool sales items.

But the coolest thing is, I have some codes for you. Here are they, to help you save some coins! Also, did you know students have discounts here? If you are a student, you get 10% off of Hello Molly.

Hello Molly Competitors


PrettyLittleThing is the rave of the world. Big shot celebrities are sponsored by them and their sales have been racking. So, Hello Molly has so fierce competition.


Missguided has also been a favorite for many. They offer trendy styles of clothing, and they may just top Hello Molly based on their international audience. They also are pretty well known!

Missguided Promo Code:- 50% off 1000s of styles – Use Code: YAY50 – Valid Thru: 8/28

Phew, that’s a lot to think about for Hello Molly. But let the odds be in their favor despite it!

Hello Molly Customer Satisfaction

They have a good reputation, as countless Youtube videos and reviews are on their services.

They are famous for their trendy garments and customers like how on-brand they are about their clothing. Instagram influencers advertise them and wear their products all the time.


On their famous rating site, Hello Molly scores pretty well. They score a good 4.4 out of 5 which means customers usually love their services. Their products are always good conditioned and well-loved. And customer services are also super helpful.


On their site, the website scores a little lower. They have a good 4.2 out of 5. Which is still not bad considering most retail shops score even lesser. This means most customers love their services without some exceptions. Still, a good score to land for a hot and brand new retailing store.


There you have it! The most honest review of Hello Molly is right at your fingertips. Are you sold on them yet? I know they are super popular.

So, are you seeking any nice pair of clothes now? I know they are trendy and eye-catching for all. Give them a try to see what they have in store for you.

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