At Wirecutter, we’re as curious as every person else about the matters that take over our social media feeds and promise lifestyles-changing results with a tap of the screen. The modern day impossible to resist fashion to come back our way is the Pillow Cube, a rectangular foam pillow for facet-sleepers. And we desired to peer the way it as compared to the rankings of pillows we’ve examined in our bed pillow and memory-foam pillow publications. We sold Pillow Cube Pros to try, and we reached out with inquiries to two physiatrists: Dr. Akhil Chhatre, director of backbone rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and Dr. Jonathan Kirschner (who’s helped us with pillow publications before) of New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery.


The original Classic Pillow Cube is almost exactly what it appears like—it’s a 12-via-12-inch square, solid-foam pillow that is available in heights: five inches and six inches. It’s designed for facet-sleepers best, and it’s intended to preserve your head level and fit the naturally rectangular-ish area among your head and shoulder. To discover the peak of that space (video), the organization shows you lie down and place your head on a stack of books, and then upload or dispose of volumes until your head feels stage. Then degree the stack, and select your pillow.

The Pillow Cube Pro, that’s the one we tested, is a larger (24 by means of 12 inches), square model of the identical pillow, and it’s to be had in three heights: four, five, and 6 inches.

The Pillow Cube Pro didn’t turn out to be the sleep catharsis that was marketed. Editor Tim Barribeau and I examined the pillows, and after I spent 10 mins mendacity on mine, I had a headache and needed to swap pillows. After approximately 14 nights of snoozing on it, Tim cited, “I do like that the guide of the pillow starts offevolved decrease down my neck than it might with a conventional pillow, so I’m probable going to stay with it for some time—but it actually hasn’t modified my life.” There are such a lot of variables in what will make a pillow be just right for you, and the form of bed you have got can be a thing, too. “The combination of ways smooth the bed is and the dimensions alternatives of the pillow have intended my backbone isn’t perfectly aligned,” Tim brought.

How did the Pillow Cube stack up?

When we measured ourselves, we both fell between sizes, so we each sized down while selecting a pillow height. An mistaken fit can reason issues, however Chhatre advised me I were given a headache because the joints in my neck have been burdened, and he brought that the incorrect pillow can basically have an effect on your complete frame. “Any part of your body that touches the mattress is in play,” Chhatre stated.

Our experts had exclusive takes on whether or not you must length up or down when measuring your self for a Pillow Cube. Kirschner encouraged sizing down because you can constantly add any other pillow for extra top, and Chhatre stated to length up because the foam might compress down over the years. We assume these are legitimate instances for getting in both course, but what we’d truely love to peer are a few half-size alternatives. And Chhatre informed us the range of thicknesses is “now not enough in phrases of variability.” He notion the addition of three-inch and seven-inch sizes might cowl extra frame sorts.

In all of the pillow checks we’ve achieved at Wirecutter—with dozens of human beings representing distinct frame shapes and sleep positions—pillows aimed at a specific sleep role almost by no means perform nicely, even for the focused form of sleeper.

Kirschner informed us he thinks “a rectangular or rectangle shape may want to work nice to support the pinnacle and neck of a side-sleeper, assuming the pillow is the appropriate top.” We think it’s difficult to get that accurate top at the Pillow Cube without greater size options, however. But in case you do order the wrong-length pillow, the organisation permits exchanges inside 30 days of buy. But in case you clearly don’t like the pillow, the return coverage says the object should be “unopened, unused, and inside the identical situation that you acquired it. It have to also be in the original packaging.” The company’s customer service confirmed that it does now not provide returns or refunds on opened or used pillows. Since the pillow arrives vacuum-sealed flat, it’s impossible to try it with out violating the return guidelines.

What should you attempt rather?

Just because you sleep for your facet doesn’t suggest you need a unique “aspect-sound asleep” pillow, Kirschner said. In all of the pillow checks we’ve carried out at Wirecutter—with dozens of humans representing specific frame shapes and sleep positions—pillows geared toward a specific sleep function almost never completed properly, even for the targeted type of sleeper. (We have a pillow guide mainly for facet-sleepers, however the tips paintings for other positions, too.)

We suppose the maximum important factor is to find a pillow that can be custom designed to fit your body’s needs, even as the ones desires alternate from night time to night time (and even in the path of a single night). If you turn positions as you sleep, or you want to fluff or bunch up your pillow to make it experience simply proper, any solid foam pillow will likely be a venture for you. “Everyone has a large number of various sleep angles that amount to a fingerprint in phrases of area of expertise,” Chhatre instructed us.

He introduced that the best pillow, even for side-sleepers, lets in you to regulate extra than honestly the peak. We agree, and over years of testing, our sleep panelists have normally favored pillows with removable filling that permit you to tweak the peak, the density, or even the form (something you may do with both shredded foam and down or down-alt pillows). We have lots of hints in our pillows guide to help you locate the right match.

It’s Sleep Week at Wirecutter! Read more approximately the pleasant Sleep Week offers on our professional-encouraged mattresses, bedding, and more to your bedroom.

Pillow Cube Sidesleeper Mattress – Hybrid

Attention side sleepers!

Most mattress companies force you to conform to their mattress instead of making a mattress that conforms to you. The Pillow Cube Mattress is different. It’s an amazing mattress in any position, but it’s the first mattress designed. To work for those of us who sleep on our side.

In order to stay comfortable all night long you need to keep your spine aligned. Any mattress can be comfortable if you lay flat on your back. But most of us change positions while we sleep. We roll from our side to our back and everywhere in between.

The pocketed springs in the base of the mattress are zoned to be supportive where it matters and forgiving where you need it. Avoiding the painful pressure points side sleepers feel on most mattresses.

The shoulder zone allows your shoulder to sink in. The hip zone gives you support where you need it most. This unique combinations keeps your spine perfectly aligned when you are on your side. (why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?)

On top of those perfect springs we stacked layers of breathable memory foam. To give you the perfect amount of cushion.

If you currently wake up tired, in pain, with a headache, kink neck or a little sluggish then the side sleeper mattress is perfect for you.

Side Sleeper Pro

Inventory Low (More On The Way)

Most people hunting for the perfect side sleeping pillow give up in frustration. They never even make it this far.

Are you tired? Do you wake up in pain? With a kinked neck? Back pain? Headaches? Or shoulder pain? The Side Sleeper Pro was designed by side sleepers, for side sleepers, to solve these exact issues.

Every single detail of your Side Sleeper Pro — from the firmness to the inner foam to the breathable soft cover — has been considered, crafted, and tested in our lab. All to deliver the best sleep of your life.

Pillow Cube Will Help You:

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Stay Asleep Longer
  • Stop Neck Pain
  • Stop Back Pain
  • Wake Up Happier

Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow

Looking for a way to keep your head cool while sleeping? Look no further than the Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow! This unique cube-shaped pillow is specifically designed for side sleepers. And features frozen fibers that will help keep your head cool all night long. So say goodbye to flipping your pillow in search of the cool side. With the Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow, you can sleep 10 degrees colder without ever having to worry about it!

Cooling Knee Cube


Do you HATE IT when your legs touch during the night? Of course you do. You’re not a monster! Now, get your favorite knee pillow on ice. #stopthesweat

The Knee Cube is going to change your life!  The light, breathable case and temperature regulating memory foam core will keep everything from getting damp and swampy.

By now you have noticed the Knee Cube’s sexy contours. This alluring shape keeps the pillow in place while letting your legs move into any crazy position you can think of.

The Knee Cube pillow helps you get better sleep by alleviating pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles. It also helps your lower back stay aligned so you don’t wake up in pain.

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