Here’s a short geometry pop quiz for you: what has a cube shape however is a great pillow for facet sleepers? The solution? The Pillow Cube!

In this Pillow Cube evaluate, I’ll tell you the whole thing you want to know approximately this precise pillow, consisting of who it’s for, my enjoy testing it, and an entire lot extra.

Pillow Cube Review Overview

The Pillow Cube isn’t a traditional pillow! Making its debut in 2019, it made us reconsider the manner pillows should appearance and the way they work. Made with the aid of aspect sleepers, for facet sleepers, the Pillow Cube’s unique form will be a natural fit for this sleeping role.

Since its debut with the Pillow Cube conventional, also known as the Sidekick, it’s released the Side Sleeper Pro, and a cooling pillow cleverly referred to as the Ice Cube. For this overview, I received the classic Sidekick. Here’s a brief review to see who will experience this pillow and who may not revel in it:

Who Might Like the Pillow Cube Sidekick:

Side sleepers

  • Fans of sluggish shifting reminiscence foam
  • Hot sleepers
  • Who Might Not Like the Pillow Cube Sidekick:

Stomach sleepers

People who opt for down or down opportunity pillows
Side sleepers who toss and flip (choose the longer, rectangular fashioned Side Sleeper Pro)

Pillow Cube Video Review

Is this the pillow of your goals? Check out our video evaluation to peer this specific product in movement!

Pillow Cube Firmness and Feel

Just like a mattress, anybody has extraordinary firmness and experience possibilities, so allow’s pass over how company I concept this pillow was, and my enjoy dozing on it.

How Firm is the Pillow Cube?

The authentic Pillow Cube is a single dice of memory foam. It’s now not the firmest pillow obtainable, but it is reasonably thick. I’d rate this pillow to be approximately a medium-company pillow. It’ll provide first-rate help, however will still conform in your head as you relaxation.

Sleeping at the Pillow Cube

As a aspect sleeper, I absolutely enjoyed the usage of my Pillow Cube. Because this pillow is designed to fit your “shoulder hole,” or the gap between your neck and your shoulder, snoozing on it feels very cozy and natural.
You don’t need to mildew the pillow or worry about it turning into a peculiar form. Now, because I generally tend to switch facets at night, the Sidekick pillow is a little too quick for me. I’d want the longer Side Sleeper Pro. But in case you’re the type of facet sleeper who has a tendency to stay in one role at night time, the shorter Sidekick might be all you want!

Back slumbering in this pillow should work, but because it’s a taller pillow, it’d push your chin too some distance into your chest. Stomach sleepers ought to truly steer clean. It’ll be too tall, and with you already resting along with your head became to the side, you may broaden a few neck ache even as using this.

What does the Pillow Cube Feel Like?

Being made entirely of reminiscence foam, this pillow has that classic slow-transferring sense to it. You’ll experience your head sink into this pillow, so if that’s your choice, this could be a notable pillow for you.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230lbs

If you’re an average weight man or woman who prefers aspect dozing, that is a incredible option for you. You’ll get quite a few comfort from the reminiscence foam, and it should fit fairly obviously into your shoulder hole.

Average weight lower back sleepers would possibly enjoy this pillow. If you’re a returned-aspect combination sleeper, the Sidekick will be too short in duration, so you can also want the longer Side Sleeper Pro. If you’re solely a lower back sleeper, this could paintings, however I’d advise some thing with a lower peak.

Stomach sleepers want a totally low pillow, and because this is a instead tall pillow, it isn’t always going to be the first-class choice for this dozing role.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

As a heavier man or woman myself, I assume the Pillow Cube is a excellent choice for heavier aspect sleepers. I didn’t sense my head sink too a ways into the foam, so I nonetheless got a good quantity of help.

Heavier lower back sleepers may be able to compress the foam extra, and could sleep conveniently. But in the end, it might be higher to discover something with a lower loft.

It’s a similar tale for stomach sleepers. You ought to compress the foam sufficient, but again, I’d simply no longer advocate this for belly sleepers of any kind.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

Lightweight side sleepers have to revel in the pillow cube. Because it’s so tall, and complete of reminiscence foam, you could no longer compress the froth enough, however I nonetheless suppose this have to be a reasonably relaxed pillow to use.

I wouldn’t recommend this to lightweight lower back and stomach sleepers though. I don’t see you guys compressing the froth sufficient to maintain your head and neck in a right alignment even as you sleep, which could purpose some neck ache down the road.

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Pillow Cube Construction

Let’s take a quick observe what makes up the Pillow Cube.


On the outside, there’s a cowl made of polyester. It is reasonably breathable, and could be very soft to the touch.

When you acquire your Pillow Cube, it comes with a standard white cowl at the outdoor. However, Pillow Cube does have other pillowcases in an effort to pick from.

These instances variety from various hues and designs (my non-public favored is the only that makes the pillow appear to be a stack of waffles). The specific form of this pillow means you have to get your pillow cases from Pillow Cube.


Opening the quilt up, you’ll find a stable, nicely, cube of reminiscence foam! This is your ordinary viscoelastic polyurethane memory foam. Unlike general memory foam which can entice heat, this reminiscence foam pillow is designed to be temperature regulating. This is first rate news for my fellow hot sleepers available!


The Pillow Cube is reasonably light. I’d say it’s no more than 1.Five lbs.


When it comes to how tall a pillow is, we talk to that as loft. This pillow is designed to fit your “shoulder gap,” or the distance among your shoulder and your neck.

For this evaluation, I obtained the same old size Sidekick pillow cube, which is recommended for everybody five’four” to six’three”. The widespread Sidekick is five” tall and might healthy a narrower shoulder without difficulty.

The other option is the Thick option, which is designed for absolutely everyone 6’three” or taller, and is 6” tall. This is incredible for human beings with huge shoulders.

Pillow Cube Size Options and Price

Take a observe the chart under for up-to-date price information at the Pillow Cube!

Pillow Cube Performance

So, how did this side sleeper just like the number one pillow for side sleepers? Here’s how it done for me in a few key classes.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Both the duvet and the foam core of this pillow are designed to sleep pretty temperature neutral. The polyester cover is pretty breathable at the same time as the foam is designed to be temperature regulating.

The Sidekick and the Side Sleeper Pro each shouldn’t sleep too warm. However, in case you’re a very hot sleeper, or just worried that the foam will keep warmth, you may usually opt for the Ice Cube option.


Being fabricated from foam, the Pillow Cube has the potential to be compressed right into a container whilst it ships. There may be a little off-gassing while you open it up, however the scent must burn up within 24 hours.
When I unboxed my pillow, it got here to shape pretty quick, however it’s quality to allow it air out a chunk and off-fuel in a properly-ventilated location before first use.

Care Instructions

The Pillow Cube comes with its out of doors cover, and to wash that, you can wash it the way you usually would. Which is to mention, with like shades, detergent of your desire, and with an ordinary cycle.

If you’re the use of a pillowcase over it, you shouldn’t must wash it extra than once or twice a year. But in case you do not use a pillowcase, it’s satisfactory to clean the quilt as often as you could.

If you decide to buy a pillowcase from Pillow Cube, it’s endorsed that you wash it weekly with colorings, after which tumble dry.


  • The Pillow Cube isn’t indexed as hypoallergenic, but it shouldn’t cause any allergies.

Company Policies

  • If you make a decision to buy a Pillow Cube, here’s what you may anticipate:

Sleep Trial

  • You can check your pillow dice with a 60 day sleep trial length.

Return Policy

  • If, in the course of the 60 day trial period, you decide you don’t like your Pillow Cube, you can go back it for a full refund.
  • Pillow Cube simplest ships within the forty eight contiguous United States.

Common Pillow Cube Complaints

Most of the customer opinions I see online deal with the pillow’s length and fee. Some weren’t pretty certain which height to choose, and found their Sidekick to be too tall or too quick. Pillow Cube does offer a few guiding data to help you find the right length, and you may even take a quiz to make sure you get the proper pillow for you.

Others have stated, based totally on creation, it appeared a chunk overpriced. However, others have said that for the reason that pillow helps them get a higher night’s sleep, it may be well worth the cash.

How Does the Pillow Cube Compare To Other Pillows?

If you’re looking for bed pillows, possibilities are you’ve heard of lots of different brands, but maybe don’t recognise what to choose. Let’s see how the Pillow Cube stacks as much as different pillows available on the market.

Pillow Cube vs Eli & Elm

One of our favorite pillows for facet sleepers is the Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow. With “facet sleeper” in its name, it’s one in every of our quality pillows for facet sleepers. But what’s exclusive about it when compared to the Pillow Cube?

To begin, both pillows have a fairly particular form to them, with the Pillow Cube being a dice, and the Eli & Elm pillow being a “U” shape. This shape inside the Eli & Elm pillow perfectly accommodates your shoulder. Likewise, the Pillow Cube became designed to fit your shoulder more evidently, too.

However, the Eli & Elm is full of polyester fibers and latex noodles. You’re able to unzip the internal lining of this pillow and take out or add in fill as needed to regulate the peak. The Pillow Cube is only a strong piece of foam, so there’s no manner to regulate the height right here.

Because of those latex noodles and polyester fibers, the Eli & Elm pillow feels a great deal extra responsive than the Pillow Cube. The dice is a single piece of slow-moving memory foam so that you’ll sink into it a little more.

The Eli & Elm might be an awesome choice if you toss and flip at night because of its length. The Sidekick is better for facet sleepers who live put at night time. But if you prefer the slow-transferring experience of froth, you can always opt for the Side Sleeper Pro cube.

Finally, in terms of rate, the Sidekick is a bit more cheap than the Eli & Elm.

Who Should Get the Pillow Cube?

  • Fans of slow-moving memory foam
  • Side sleepers who have a tendency to stay put during the night time
  • Who Should Get the Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow?

Fans of a responsive feeling pillow

  • Anyone who desires to modify their pillow’s peak
  • Read our complete Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow evaluate.

Pillow Cube vs Tuft & Needle

Another pillow that’s made from a stable piece of froth is the Tuft & Needle pillow.

Both the Pillow Cube and the Tuft & Needle pillow have a five” loft, in order that they must be able to preserve your head improved during the night time.

The Tuft & Needle pillow, however, is a custom reduce piece of aerated foam and is the same old form for a pillow. This makes it a terrific choice for folks that have a tendency to toss and flip. Back sleepers need to also locate the aid they want on this pillow. The Pillow Cube is ideal for side sleepers.

The foam that’s used is Tuft & Needle’s proprietary Adaptive Foam, and it feels much extra responsive than the conventional, slow-transferring memory foam determined inside the Pillow Cube.

While the unique Pillow Cube doesn’t function some thing specific for cooling out of doors of a breathable cover and temperature regulating foam, it does come in the Ice Cube choice. The Tuft & Needle pillow has foam infused with graphite and cooling beads as a way to pull warmness away from your frame. It’s additionally perforated with holes for airflow as nicely.

Who Should Get the Pillow Cube?

  • Strict facet sleepers
  • Fans of sluggish-moving reminiscence foam
  • Who Should Get the Tuft & Needle Pillow?

Hot sleepers

  • Side/back blend sleepers
  • Read our complete Tuft & Needle Pillow evaluate.

Our Pillow Cube Review Ratings

  • Take a look at our Mattress Clarity score for this Pillow Cube overview!


This pillow is designed for aspect sleepers, via aspect sleepers and it indicates. It suits in between your shoulder and your neck flawlessly! It’ll keep your head and neck in a accurate alignment while you sleep.


Still have questions? I’m right here to help! Here are some of the most regularly requested questions on the Pillow Cube.

Can you sleep to your lower back at the Pillow Cube?

Some again sleepers may additionally locate enough comfort and guide on the Pillow Cube. However, this pillow turned into particularly designed for aspect sleepers, so it is able to now not work for lower back napping depending for your frame type.

If you’re a again/facet mixture sleeper who spends maximum of the night in your facet, the Pillow Cube may want to work!

Does the Pillow Cube come with a pillowcase?

The Pillow Cube does come with an outer cover crafted from polyester. This ought to act as a pillowcase on its own, however if you choose to have a pillow case, you may ought to purchase one directly from Pillow Cube, because of its unique shape.

How long does it take for the Pillow Cube to make bigger?

In my experience, the Pillow Cube multiplied especially quick. However, it’s pleasant to preserve the pillow in a well ventilated region whilst it off-gasses. You need to wait approximately 12-24 hours for it to completely air out before first use.

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