Every month when I get my new Infinitely LOFT box in the mail, it’s like a kid on Christmas morning! When I first heard about LOFT’S new clothing rental service, I was super excited. You get to wear new clothes and NOT have to buy them all?! Sign me up!

In college I was a campus rep for Rent the Runway which is the first rental service I had ever heard of. They offer way more dressy options for special events like wedding and black tie and it’s pretty expensive, around $130/month. Infinitely LOFT offers a good combo of casual, seasonal, trendy, girly and everyday pieces!

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LOFT is one of my absolute favorite stores. Being a fashion blogger and living in a mostly warm-climate year round is challenging around the fall and winter months. In truly don’t buy lots of winter clothes or gear but sometimes I want to chat about winter pieces! I don’t necessarily “shop” for blog content. I buy what I love and then I use it to create blog content.

Around fall, I stared looking at rental services that offered some winter options like sweaters or jackets that I wouldn’t normally invest in. I’m not a full-time blogger than can benefit from buying clothes that I don’t actually wear, so I don’t see a point to put myself in debt for fashion sake. When I saw that LOFT started one, I knew I could use it to find more winter pieces, work clothes, use the clothes as extra blog content and just have fun trying new things!

So far I love it, there’s just one little tiff I have about the service that I wrote about. Gotta keep reading to find out what it is! My hope is that once the company gets the kinks worked out, it will run smoothly since it’s still a fairly new service.

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What Exactly Is The Infinitely LOFT Rental Service?

Well, the non-fancy definition?! You can rent new clothes that come straight to your doorstep every month!

For the more boring but necessary explanation. It’s a monthly rental service that’s $64.95/month. It comes out to $69.50 with taxes added. Not truly sure why it adds $5, since the website claims it’s a flat fee of $64.95 but I think it has to to do with taxes. ?‍♀️

You can rent 3 pieces at a time. Your 3 items will come in a white Infinitely LOFT box right to your doorstep! Inside the box, there’s a folded up silver bag with a USPS shipping label attached. Shipping and return are free.

When your shopping, you can add as many pieces to your “Rack” as you want. They recommend 20. Then you can prioritize which items you want to receive. I heard a little tip though from a reader. If you add only 3 at a time, you are way more likely to only get those 3 pieces!

The service is great because it offers tops, bottoms and dresses for regular, petite, tall, plus and maternity options!

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My Only “Tiff” With the Service So Far…

My only tiff so far with the service is that I don’t always get the 3 items I mark as priority. I thought I was being “good” about having 20 items in my closet at all times but I may need to try the “only 3” rule and see if that helps for my next order.

I’ve also gotten a few weird boxes. One with two super large fur coats (one looked no joke was yellow and looked like a big bird costime) and a super thin summer dress. Only one of them was marked priority and the other two weren’t. Yes, I probably shouldn’t have put large fur coats in my closet but I do wish there was an option for selecting what type of climate you live in. I think that could help solve the issue or having a more personal shopping experience.

Another box had two of the same joggers in different colors. You can see them above. If I’m going to rent clothes, I don’t really want to spend $70/month on joggers…I can go to Target for that, so next time I just wont add joggers to my closet. Problem fixed on that one!

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Infinitely LOFT Rental Service Questions:

When I reached out on Instagram about questions you guys had about this service, there so many great ones! I have the best readers ever! In answered them the best I could and gave my honest opinion after trying the service for a few months before I could deff say yay or nay. I do say YAY if you were wondering!

How many clothes / accessories can you rent / month?

You can rent 3 pieces at a time and unlimited pieces / month. I would say renting 9 pieces total would be the most you could rent and actually wear them all. 12 would be a little insane. If you do want a clothes wearing marathon, I’d say go for it ha! Right now they don’t offer any type of accessories like shoes to jewelry with the service.

Are the pieces new or worn? Do they show signs of wear?

All of the items I have received so far look brand new! I think it’s important to say again, they look BRAND NEW ha! Not a snag, stain or wear or tear. Even the fabric feels like it’s new. I was a little concerned about that at first, especially if I want to keep an item. Like who wants to buy a “used” new item?! Not me ha! So yes, the pieces look like you stopped in the store, took it off the rack and brought them home brand new.

Can you keep the items you are renting?

YES! I have only kept one leopard coat so far. You can click an easy button on your closet page and purchase the item if you love it so much! If you only like 1 out of the 3 items, you just send back the other 2 in the return bag and keep the item you wanted.

Can you skip a month?

No, unfortunately not. It’s a monthly service. If you cancel, it cancel’s the entire subscription. I’ve deff thought about this! Being on a budget, I do keep the monthly cost in mind. If for one reason or another and I had to cancel, there seems to be no penalty about re-starting up the subscription in the future.

Can you pick up in store?

The service is only available online. You have to use the Infinitely LOFT website to sign up and create a virtual closet of the pieces you want to rent.

What type of clothes does the service offer?

Tops, bottom and dresses for petite, regular, tall, plus and maternity. I do hope over time they offer accessories like bags or earrings and think that be a fun edition!

Is this service geared towards work wear?

They do have great work wear options! The service isn’t geared specificly towards only work wear but there’s endless options like blouses, modest dresses, skirts and pants perfect for the office! If you get bored of wearing the same clothes to work over and over again, I think this is actually the best route to go instead of buying a brand new wardrobe!

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