About Nap Loungewear

Whether you’re lounging around, stepping out, or working from home, Nap Loungewear offers high-quality comfortable clothing that is inspired by classic tailoring. Its line features a feminine flair that promotes self-love, freedom, and luxury—without compromising on comfort.

To complement its loungewear, the company also sells accessories and is in the process of releasing a home line. From its recent opening in 2020 to its 48.7k followers on the Nap Loungewear Instagram page, the company is quickly building its brand. It’s been mentioned by Forbes, Nylon, and Marie Claire.

Should this company’s line of comfortable yet classic clothes be added to your wardrobe? This Nap Loungewear review will give you the scoop on the brand, its products, customer ratings, discounts, and more, so you can decide if its apparel is for you.

Overview of Nap Loungewear

Established in the summer of 2020, the brand wanted to create products that promote relaxation amid the crisis of COVID-19. As Nap Loungewear launched, it had customers who resonated with its mission, searching for comfortable clothing with simple aesthetics that they could wear while working from home.

The company created this luxury loungewear in hopes of giving customers something more than casual, overworn sweats. The brand represents simplicity for the modern woman. You know, the one who wants to feel good for no one but herself.

The company is committed to creating high-quality loungewear and home products that speak for its philosophy. But, apart from that, there is very little known about this new brand.

Before getting any further into this Nap Loungewear review, let’s look at some highlights:


  • Wide range of elegant loungewear pieces, including sets, PJs, dresses, joggers, and more
  • Made of high-end fabrics, like cashmere
  • Customer reports of nice materials and designs
  • Some plus-size options available
  • Use promo code napwithu for 25% off

The brand’s pieces are basic, simple, and modern—in the best way possible. You can dress its loungewear up or down, depending on your style, or whether or not you have to hop on Zoom for a meeting. Up next, this Nap Loungewear review will introduce you to some top-selling options.

Nap Loungewear Homewear Review

Nap Loungewear’s apparel made with versatility in mind. Most pieces are offered in one size or XS-XL, with a limited number of 2SX options. For alternative payment options, the brand offers Affirm.

This Nap Loungewear review will now go over some of the brand’s best-selling apparel. But don’t worry—we’ll cover more than just dresses. Ahead, you’ll find luxurious pants, breezy cardigans, and relaxing pajamas.

Nap Loungewear Silk Satin Slip Midi Dress Review

This Nap Loungewear Silk Satin Slip Midi Dress features a cowl neck and low back, adding a feminine touch to this gorgeous piece. It’s composed of level 6A raw silk, which is the highest standard possible, providing a light, delicate texture.

Available in black, champagne, and copper, Treat yourself to this Nap Loungewear satin slip for $98. But, be sure to delicately hand wash it in cold water or have it dry cleaned.

Nap Loungewear Full Length Pegged Pants Review

Whether you’re working from home or heading to the office, the Nap Loungewear Full Length Pegged Pants are versatile enough to move with you. The design marries classic tailoring with a comfortable fabric to ensure. They can be casually styled for a laid-back look or dressed up with a blazer and jewels.

These pants are a triple threat—comfy, stylish, and environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled polyester. The fabric is also moisture-absorbent, providing you with breathability that is ideal for the warmer seasons.

The Nap Loungewear Pegged Pants are $118 and are available in shades of grey-beige and charcoal.

Nap Loungewear Fit-Midi Cashmere Joggers Review

Cashmere is known for that silky-smooth comfort that feels luxurious to the touch. The lavish yarn derives from the undercoat of cashmere goats. The Nap Loungewear Fit-Midi Cashmere Joggers are made with the softest fine fibers.

These pants are the perfect alternative to those ripped-up sweats you’ve had for years. Adding a touch of class and a whole lot of comfort, these cashmere joggers will become an instant go-to in your closet. Whether you want to wear them out or sit back and relax on the couch, these pants will serve you many looks.

These lightweight Fit-Midi Cashmere Joggers retail for $178. Customers can choose between four colors, such as classic black or clean white.

Nap Loungewear Straight Cashmere Pants Review

Made from 100% cashmere, the Nap Loungewear Straight Cashmere Pants are a signature piece to have in your wardrobe. These luxurious pants feature a semi-loose fit and an elastic band at the waist, making for an easy pull-on mechanism that’ll have you reaching for them all the time.

These pants offered in two colors, a soft off-white shade and an earthy camel hue. Plus, they pair perfectly with the Nap Loungewear cashmere slippers.

This pair of Nap Loungewear cashmere pants is currently on sale for $160, originally $178.

Nap Loungewear Open Front Pure Cashmere Cardigan Review

Simple yet luxurious, the Nap Loungewear Open Front Purse Cashmere Cardigan looks just like it sounds. Featuring an open front, this cardigan is very versatile and goes with nearly everything in your wardrobe. For additional convenience, this cardigan also features two pockets.

Customers can choose between four earthy hues, such as oatmeal or copper. For ultimate comfort and softness, this sweater made of 100% cashmere. Add this incredibly soft Nap Loungewear cashmere cardigan to your wardrobe for $198.

Nap Loungewear Baggy Tunic Hoodie Review

Meet the oversized sweater of your dreams: the Nap Loungewear Baggy Tunic Hoodie. This super-casual sweater is the easiest thing to throw on, thanks to its comfy intentional large fit.

Although this hoodie is thick and warm, its hypoallergenic cotton fabric is very breathable, while the spandex is lightweight and durable. Lastly, every perfect sweater is complete with a hood, which this item features.

You can purchase this Baggy Tunic Hoodie for $58 in either charcoal, cookie dough (beige), or black.

Nap Loungewear Double Cotton Sweatsuit Set Review

Sweatsuits have come a long way since the Juicy sets worn by Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in the early 2000s. This brand’s take on the wardrobe staple fuses classic tailoring with soft fabric to leave you feeling sophisticated and comfy.

The grey Nap Loungewear Double Cotton Sweatsuit Set is a must-have work-from-home staple. The spacious, oversized silhouette is super cozy, and with it being a matching set, you’ll still look put together for impromptu video meetings.

Don’t worry—if you want to purchase the pieces in this set separately, you can. But together, the Double Cotton Sweatsuit Set retails for $98 (from $148).

Nap Loungewear Chic Lounge PJ Sets Review

Anyone will tell you that a luxurious pair of pajamas will take your bedtime routine to the next level. So, leave your oversized t-shirt and mismatched shorts behind as you upgrade to the Nap Loungewear Chic Lounge PJ Set.

With this set, not only will you look chic and on-trend, but you’ll be super comfortable in its silky smooth fabric. This piece will provide you with comfort and fashion, made with a sheen for a sleek touch.

The material features moisture absorption and quick-drying attributes, as well as anti-static fabric so that it won’t cling to your least favorite spots. The material is made to withstand, which means it’ll maintain its shape and won’t shrink over time.

You can buy the Chic Lounge PJ Sets in one of three colors for $218.

Nap Loungewear Cashmere Leisure Rib-Knit Set Review

In line with the company’s other items, the Nap Loungewear Cashmere Leisure Rib-Knit Set will provide maximum comfort and effortless style—an ideal combination. Simple yet totally chic, this long-sleeved, form-fitting top and rib-knit, full-length bottoms make for a tasteful set.

If you prefer one item over the other, these pieces are available for separate purchases, too. Made from 100% cashmere, these items are classy and easy to match with anything.

This Nap Loungewear Knit Set comes in four colors and costs $258.

Nap Loungewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Though the company is pretty new to the game, this Nap Loungewear review managed to uncover some helpful customer comments. Ahead, you’ll find testimonials from the brand’s website to give you a better understanding of what shoppers really think about its apparel.

On the company’s website, its bestsellers have garnered dozens of reviews. And, collectively, the collection averages 4.7/5 stars. Shoppers rave about the cut, fabric, and look of each piece. Here’s a quick overview:

  • T-Shirt Tunic Dress: an average of 4.62/5 stars from 42 ratings
  • Plush Cashmere Rib-Knit Cardigan: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 39 ratings
  • Cashmere Leisure Rib-Knit Set: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 33 ratings
  • Idle PJ SET: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 37 ratings
  • Double Cotton Sweatsuit Set: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 81 ratings
  • Box-Cut Ample Cardi: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 37 ratings
  • Open Front Pure Cashmere Cardigan: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 47 ratings

We chose to dive deeper into Nap Loungewear reviews. One customer expressed how this piece has become a staple in her work from home wardrobe. She writes, “Truly has become my favorite piece of clothing during the WFH era of my life. Slightly heavier, durable fabric that has smoothness to the touch. I will get a ton of use out of these!! “

Meanwhile, another woman’s hunt for the perfect nightgown has finally come to an end: “Omg this t shirt dress is everything. I have been searching for the perfect oversized shirt to sleep in and ordered so many night gown type dresses from other brands that were either too thin or not a great quality (not to mention more expensive). I love that and has an amazingly soft feel.“

Since this brand’s apparel priced at the higher end of the spectrum. It’s good to hear that customers feel that the quality matches the cost. We can definitely see that NAP has something going for it.

Is Nap Loungewear Worth It?

This Nap Loungewear review has considered the brand’s quality, price, and taken into account customer reviews. With that we can confirm that the brand is definitely worth a try.

Though it hasn’t been around for a long time, Nap Loungewear has shown to be a promising upcoming brand when it comes to comfy, stylish at home clothing.

We can conclude that ordering from Nap Loungewear is absolutely safe. While their items priced higher than average. You will likely see that the quality matches what you pay for.

Nap Loungewear Promotions & Discounts

After searching the site, we’ve discovered a Nap Loungewear discount code for you to use. When you spend $250 or more, you can use the code napwithu to receive 25% off your entire order.

Special Black Friday Offer: Get 30% OFF Using code “Hol25”

Where to Buy Nap Loungewear

You can purchase products directly from the online store at NapLoungewear.com.


Where is Nap Loungewear based?

The brand is based in China, while its partner company is based out of the US. The Nap Loungewear founder is unknown at the time of this review.

Is Nap Loungewear a real company?

Though it doesn’t have any physical locations, Nap Loungewear is a legitimate e-commerce retailer.

What sizes does Nap Loungewear have?

The brand carries sizes XS-XL, but this Nap Loungewear review found most clothing items are available in size M or OS (one size). There are a select number of 2XL pieces.

How long does Nap Loungewear take to ship?

Once you place your order, the standard processing time order takes between 1-3 business days. After your order processed, it’ll aim to ship within 24 hours. Depending on your location, it should take 4-7 business days to arrive at your home. But, many shoppers report longer wait times.

When your package leaves the warehouse, you’ll receive an email with a number that you can use to track your order. Alternatively, if you have an account, log into ‘My Account’ and click ‘My Orders.’ If 60 business days pass without receiving your order, contact the Nap Loungewear team for further assistance.

What is Nap Loungewear’s Shipping Policy?

This Nap Loungewear review found that the company ships internationally. It provides free shipping on all worldwide orders over $158. For any orders under $158, there’s an international flat-rate fee of $15.

What is the Nap Loungewear Returns Policy?

If you’re not pleased with your purchase and would like to return your order. You’ll have to reach out to the brand’s customer service team within 30 days of receiving your order. When doing so, you’ll expected to present the original receipt and keep items in their packaging (unworn and unwashed).

For returns, all shipping fees and return costs considered the customer’s responsibility. The return process could take up to four weeks because Nap Loungewear will take it in for review once they receive your product.

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