What happens when I am given a gift card to shop at Orvis? I fill my cart with dozens of items in no time flat… Then I realize I have WAY too much (much more than the gift card can provide) and now I have to take items out. *Sad Face.*

Choosing what items to remove was like, the hardest decision ever.

Basically… I wanted to buy EVERYTHING from the Orvis women’s spring collection! This outdoor clothing company made me swoon over their smartly-made and gorgeously designed clothing.

Here is why I love Orvis clothing:

  •  Love the functional look.
  • Great for the outdoors.
  • Durable for sports and activities.
  • High quality materials.
  • Well designed and made.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Eventually, I was able to pair down my cart, but it wasn’t easy. After purchasing my bundle of goodies, I followed the tracking code like a hawk, anxiously awaiting the Orvis box to arrive at my doorstep. And once it did, I ripped it open, ran upstairs and tried each piece on right away!

I was happily satisfied with each item I ordered. It was all in pristine condition, comfortable, true to size. The materials of the items were what you expect from Orvis brand – quality and durable.

The pull-over, half zip shirt was perfect for an evening stroll with my best friend (no offense to my human best friend). Really, all the shirts I ordered from Orvis were perfect for the change of seasons. You know, that crazy, in-between winter and spring weather? Perfect for a breezy spring evening with my fur-baby.

Orvis clothing is practical and functional – great for any adventure in the outdoors or a charming weekend getaway. I love that they are layering pieces that go so well with my existing wardrobe – they blend right into my closet and my style!

But my key piece this spring is going to be my adorable Orvis ballcap. (Clover-Print Trucker Hat)

Although, most of my life I have shied away from any hat of any kind, now I love them. I used to be in the mindset that “hat’s don’t look good on me” – honestly, which I am not even sure I ever tested. In just assumed they didn’t! I can’t quite recall the first time I tried on a hat, but when I did, I was surprised that I had been fooling myself all the time!

Hats are great! Who knew!

With hats I could…. cover up a bad hair day. I could contain my hair in the wind. Could keep my eyes shaded from the sun. I could add a fun element to an otherwise boring outfit!

To me, this Orvis hat adds spring fun!

By the way, I actually took this on my neighbors lawn. When I got to talking about my upcoming blog post with Orvis Women’s Spring Collection, my neighbors eyes lite up! “I can grab you my Orvis fly fishing rod if you want to take photos with it!” And while this would have been fun, I declined because, well, there was not enough daylight to find a fishing spot!

The other thing was, while we were all chatting, his wife never even knew Orvis even made women’s clothing! I told her; I too, was surprised with how much I loved the clothing that I found online. In told her I always thought Orvis was more of a manly company! I always imagined the women’s brand to be just a bunch of fishing, hunting and hiking gear that wouldn’t be my style – well I was wrong. See…

Never again will I only think of Orvis as a man’s company! They have a remarkable selection on women’s clothing. Literally so much. I am in love with their women’s sportswear and accessories. And like I said, I filled my cart overflowing…. I could shop Orvis for days!

One can dream, right?

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