Tiendanimal is an online store offering dog food and clothing, among other products, of which I will give you my opinions. Shipments and returns follow a clear policy in this e-commerce of animals. I hope to read your comments at the end of reading this complete review.

In this list we have compiled the best online pet stores with low prices, offers and special promotions that allow you to save, such as Tiendanimal. Take a look at their catalogs and benefit from the best prices.

Tiendanimal: your online pet products store

Tiendanimal, specialists in pet products with the number one online store in Spain. More than a decade of experience offering feed, accessories and hygiene and health products so that animal lovers can have the best quality for their pets in any town and province of Spain. In addition, now you can also pick up your order directly at our stores in Spain.

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In Tiendanimal you can find products and accessories of all kinds and for all animals: I think for dogs and cats, accessories for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, ferrets, turtles… Everything you can imagine, from food and clothes to booths, hygiene products, ride accessories, carriers or costumes.

Accessories and food for dogs and cats

At Tiendanimal we have a wide variety of food and feed for dogs, since one of the most important and fundamental aspects of caring for your dog is its diet. Here you will find both feed and wet food, snacks and treats for dogs. But not only with food can you make your pet happy. You also have all kinds of complements and accessories to make your life more comfortable: beds and clothes for dogs, kennels, feeders and drinkers, carriers so you can travel together and toys for dogs so you can have fun with them.

With regard to the kittens in the house, in our catalog there is a selection of feed for cats from the best brands, wet food, all the necessary supplements so that their diet is balanced and allows you to take care of your cat’s health. We have special feed for sterilized cats or cats with other specific feeding needs. Just like dogs, cats also need to have fun and that is why at Tiendanimal you can find toys and walking accessories, as well as other products for their comfort, such as beds, and kitty litter.

Nor can we forget everything related to training for dogs and cats. Exercise with your pet and have fun with it with the best agility products and accessories for free time.

Food and accessories for birds, rodents, turtles and fish

At Tiendanimal we have everything you need for all kinds of pets. Therefore, if you have a bird, a turtle, a hamster or you are a fish lover, in our online pet products store. You can find all the accessories and food necessary for their health, well-being and comfort.

Food and snacks for hamsters, ferrets and guinea pigs, accessories and cages for birds, and all the basic accessories for reptiles and turtles: terrariums, turtle tanks or lighting and maintenance elements. Also have aquariums, filters, pumps and everything you need to create the ideal home for your fish.

We want your shopping experience to be unique and that you enjoy discovering our products. We invite you to browse our online pet products store. Remember that you can also visit our stores where our nutrition and animal welfare specialists will be happy to advise you personally. Thank you for being part of the great Tiendanimal family!


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Tiendanimal is currently the most popular online pet store used by users in Spain. After its sales success on the Internet, the company began opening physical stores. In 2019, it expects to have 65 physical establishments and reach a turnover of 120 million euros, according to information handled by the Expansión newspaper.

And what is the secret of its success? Very simple: good prices and a wide range of cheap products for pets . And it is that, if you are looking for a very specific item, for example a brand of feed for your dog that is difficult to find in other establishments. You will surely find it in Tiendanimal without any problem.

This online pet store offers you products for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and ferrets, reptiles and turtles, and fish. You will find countless discounted items to save on your purchases, and in the Monthly Offers section you have at your disposal a list of items with gifts, discounted products and access to the outlet, and on your first purchase you will benefit from a 10% discount.

Find offers on pet products on Amazon Spain

In addition, to save shipping costs for a year, you can add Prime Shipping to your order for 19.95 euros. It also has a points system when you make your purchases that you can redeem in your orders. The establishment ships to the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar and Andorra, as well as to various European countries. Shipping costs and conditions vary depending on the territory.

Tiendanimal: online pet store

Tiendanimal is an online animal store. In this electronic commerce we can find all kinds of products destined to favor the life and health of our pets. Something that I really like about this store is that they have different sections. Which allow us to make purchases online in an intuitive and orderly way. In addition, they have numerous promotions and discounts on their website.

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Tiendanimal: opinions of the pet store

You will be able to read my opinions about Tiendanimal in this complete review. As a highlight, I will say that something that catches my attention and I quite like it is the amount of free resources that they offer to their clients. For example, from the online store itself it is possible to join the free pet recovery service. Those responsible for Tiendanimal will send the owners of the animals some metal plates to incorporate into their collars. The name of the pet and the telephone number of the owner engraved on these plates. In the event that the animal lost, whoever finds it will able to contact its owners quickly.

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Tiendanimal: clothes for dogs online

At Tiendanimal they have a section available where we can find all kinds of products and accessories for dogs. Dog clothing is part of this striking and complete section. In this pet store we will be able to buy different outfits specially designed for our favorite pets. Best of all, many of these items are on sale.

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Tiendanimal: animal feed online

Another of Tiendanimal’s most characteristic products is pet food. In this online pet store they work with the best pet food brands. If you don’t know which feed you should give your pet, you can call the store’s customer service, where they will assist you quickly, advising you at all times.

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Tiendanimal: offers for pets

One of the things that I like the most about Tiendanimal is the number of products for pets that have very substantial offers. And, without a doubt, finding these promotions on branded items is fabulous.

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Tiendanimal: shipments and returns under examination

Regarding the shipments and returns of Tiendanimal, it should noted that. If the order placed exceeds 49 euros, the postage will free. In addition, they have an express delivery service. In other words, each order placed at this pet store will received within 24 or 48 business hours.

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Here you can see how to take the measurements of your pet to buy clothes online:

Tiendanimal an online store focused on pets, where you can buy the best quality dog ​​food or clothing. The offers available in this pet store make my opinions very favorable. Also, shipping and returns work great. If you have bought at Tiendanimal, I hope you will leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions Tiendanimal

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Can I buy without registering?

Ideally, you should register because that way you can track your order. What’s more, if you sign up for our Premium Club, you’ll earn points for every purchase and you’ll be able to get gifts!

The simplest thing if you’re too lazy to register is to do it with Facebook, Google or Apple. It will take 5 seconds and you will be able to track your orders! As you can see, at Tiendanimal we give you all the options so that you can order as you wish, because the important thing is that your pet has what it needs in record time!

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

We know you have important things to think about, like playing with your pets, so it’s normal to forget your password. Retrieving it is very simple, click here, tell us your email and we will send you a new one.

What forms of payment can I use?

For your convenience, you can pay in different ways in Spain, choose the one you like best!

  • Credit card: It is totally free and supposes a faster preparation.
  • Pay by phone: Also free of charge, our Customer Service will contact you to complete the payment.
  • Income / Bank Transfer: Tiendanimal allows payment by bank transfer at no additional cost. When placing the order, you will see the details of the accounts to which you can make the transfer. It is important that you follow the instructions so that your transfer reaches us perfectly identified and keep in mind that we must confirm the transfer before starting to prepare your order.
  • PayPal: It is completely free and very easy to use if you do not have your card at hand.

Why are multiple charges showing up in my bank account?

Orders placed with different sellers will be charged separately. The amount of the purchase can be temporarily withheld as a pre-authorization depending on the card used and the issuing bank until the seller sends the order, which is when the payment will be made. If a seller rejects an order or modifies the quantity served due to lack of stock, the corresponding amount will be unlocked.

Contact your bank to obtain information about payment authorizations and reserved funds, since the days of retention and the way of viewing the movements can change from one bank to another, and Tiendanimal cannot intervene in said process.

I have a discount coupon or promotional code. How do I apply it?

If you have a discount code, you are very lucky! You can apply discount by entering the code on the payment screen. You will see the box on the top right. Remember to check that your basket meets the conditions of the promotion and click on “Apply”, you will see your discount in your purchase receipt before paying!

If you are a professional user, keep in mind that you can only use the specific coupons for your sector. If a coupon doesn’t apply, it’s probably not available to professional users.

What are the advantages of choosing Click & Collect (store pickup)?

With the Click & Collect option (store pickup) you will have more time flexibility to pick up your package, since you can go to the store at the time of day that best suits you, as long as it is within opening hours. You can check store hours here

Also, by choosing Click & Collect as the shipping method, you will get a GIFT the day you pick up your order! How? Very easy. By choosing the option, you will receive a code in your order confirmation email. Save the email well and when you go to the store, you can redeem your gift by showing that code from the email on your mobile or by printing the email.

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