If you are a customer looking to hire a freelance 3D designer, it’s easy to get lost among the options online. To make it easier for everyone, we’ve spent the last year researching, developing and implementing the features that would create the perfect freelance job site for 3D work. This platform is called CGTrader 3D Projects, and here are 5 reasons why it is the best platform for freelance 3D Projects online!

Safety and assurance of the leading 3D marketplace

CGTrader is one of the largest and oldest 3D marketplaces globally, serving customers from over 180 countries every day. Our platform ensures a safe and transparent escrow service: 3D Projects are started upon prepayment and fully paid as soon as the Project is marked completed by the customer.

No listing fees

You can post any number of proposals on CGTrader 3D Projects for free.

Easy access to designer portfolios

Every designer can showcase their whole portfolio on CGTrader by publishing 3D models on the store or adding them as gallery entries. Visit their profile pages to access their portfolios and ratings from past customers. This is a fast and easy way to find who you’d want to work with.

A highly specialized 3D design community

With thousands of qualified 3D designers from around the world, CGTrader is the best place to look for competent and experienced 3D professionals for your freelance project.

Guaranteed quality

Our qualified team is ready to step in at any time to ensure that the results of the 3D Project satisfy all of your needs and mediate any issues.

About CGTrader 3D Projects

3D Projects is a specialized freelance platform that lets customers post any number of Project listings for free. These listings can include 3D software requirements, visual references and budget estimations. Designers apply to these Projects by sending a proposal to the customer, which might include comments and counter offers for the deadline and/or budget.

Counter offers help the customer determine whether their estimated budgets and deadlines are realistic and if their offers are attractive to designers. As soon as the customer receives an application from a designer they like and they agree on the terms of the Project (budget, deadline, software, aesthetics, etc.), they can start the Project by selecting the designer and prepaying for the budget.

The prepayment is kept in escrow by CGTrader and transferred to the designer only when the customer is satisfied with the results. During the Project the customer and the designer use a private work space, where they can share progress updates, references and comments. As the Project is finished, the customer can leave a rating and review their collaboration with the designer. Designers working on CGTrader 3D Projects enjoy the highest royalty rate in the freelance industry – 95%.

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