People are often hesitating about starting a freelance activity online or sometimes, they are just not sure about their creations. In order to encourage artists to persevere in their hobby or in perfecting their practices, CGTrader points out 6 preconceptions about selling 3D models online.

CGTrader is one of the most-known 3D models’ marketplace for computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality/ and gaming, supported by a community of 3D designers. Founded in 2011 by Marius Kalytis, a 3D designer, the company speaks today from experience.

It’s Impossible To Do If I Have A Full-Time Job

According to the company, it is possible to do both. In fact, many CG artists created their models during their free time, after work. One hour per day is enough to practice. However, note that some models might require more time (about 10 hours to build depending on your skills) than usual due to their technicality but the good news is that with practice, you may have at least dozens of simple models for your portfolio per year.

The advice of the company: “you don’t have to make something completely new: many designers don’t realize that their works from previous projects are great for earning some extra exposure and revenue. The models you already have might be just the thing someone else needs!”

It’s Difficult To Start Selling

The saying is true, all beginnings are difficult but the more it is difficult, the more you can enjoy your success so keep going on! If you are afraid or simply do not have time to build your personal portfolio website, and look for strategies to attract visitors, then you may always start by testing online marketplaces that are already recognized.

If everything goes well, you can consider expanding and going on a freelance basis. That’s what Daniel Mozbäuchel did when he began working with 3D way back in 1993. He really started freelancing in 2013.


You Don’t Have Necessarily To Be A GREAT Designer!

Your modeling will certainly catch the interest of one person. No need to be a “Star designer” in every field to draw the attention of at least one.

The experience of CGTrader: “There are many designers who started out by selling only the meshes and developed other skills on the go. 3D markets are great in that way – it’s all up to you to grow, learn and try new things, while finding someone interested in your work along the way.”


I Would Have To Go All-In

“Many young designers start freelancing and selling their models right away, while others are discouraged by leaving a gap in their resume. Experienced people in the industry know that it’s not as much about the resume, as it is about your portfolio. Selling 3D models online doesn’t have to be a major life choice – you can always put your models up for sale and just get some additional income.”


You Wonder Who Can Buy These Models?

According to this marketplace, a great number of developers provide people with stock 3D models, and like creating what really excites them. Architects for instance buy trees, lamp posts or other miscellaneous objects for visualizations of their projects.


Your Works Do Not Have To Be Complex

This is a preconceived idea most people have. The company admits that one does not only find models that require a big technicality on its marketplace. Game-ready low poly models are for instance very recurring.

To keep in mind: “if you make a beautiful complex model, no one might want to use it, but it could still be a great showcase of your talent and skill. Julen Urrutia Perez predicted that realism will not be as important in CG in the future, so there’s no telling where the market might turn.”

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