Backcountry is a fashion haven for any adventure-seeking man or woman, with their website offering specialty items focused on outdoor recreation and adventurous activities. Some of the pieces that can be found on the website include clothing and gear for road biking, mountain biking, camping, hiking, trail running, snowboarding, rock and ice climbing, skiing, and a whole lot more of adrenaline-filled activities.

The scarcity of specialty stores for the active and outdoor niche makes Backcountry among the very few who can accommodate the different needs of a special group of clientele, and are able to do so with their extensive selection of pieces. Shoppers can find various options for clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, electronics and even important gears such as helmets, goggles, specialized gloves, snowboards and bikes. The website truly has answered many demands in the adventure-centered retail fashion, but what they failed to excel in is their customer service, as many shoppers have complained of the terrible customer support encounters they’ve experienced.

How to use Backcountry Promo Codes

  • Register a Free Account with Backcountry
  • Enter your personal information on the second page
  • Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  • When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to Checkout.
  • Scroll down to ‘5: Verify your payment information’ and click to redeem your promo code.
  • Add the promo code on the area of the pop-up.
  • Click ‘Reedem’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

Backcountry Promo Codes

Introduction to Backcountry

If you claim to love the outdoors and all the adventures it offers, you know full well that you have to be prepared to take on nature. This goes beyond mental and physical conditioning; you must have the right clothing and equipment too. For your needs outdoors, there is one online retailer that’s whole existence is to provide for people with your similar interests. Backcountry is for people who get outside, plain and simple as it says on their website, offering branded outdoor equipment so you can put full confidence in your gears and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Let’s look back


Backcountry began as an endeavor by two childhood friends who both had the vision. How the Internet would become crucial in shifting how people make their purchases. Based in Utah, Jim Holland and John Bresee are two skiing junkies who founded the company in 1996. They sold ski equipment from a garage and had to get other jobs to finance their business. It took a lot of effort on their part to convince potential customers that buying merchandise for them is worth it. That they could achieve the same with less hassle as compared to when going to a physical store. They had a rough beginning but as soon as they made the first sale, a Pieps 457 Opti-finder avalanche beacon, in 1997, the duo began seeing more achievements.

The business grew rapidly in the next decade and soon enough sold to billionaire John C. Malone under Liberty Media Corporation which also has other e-commerce sites under its wing. During this time, they made their reputation distinct from their main competition, REI, by becoming the outdoor lover’s destination for branded gear and equipment. To appeal to skiers with limited budgets, the team behind Backcountry also added a niche website, SteepandCheap, as well as an outlet section.

Although it is a company with American roots, Backcountry was open to expand their market to cater to the needs of many adventurers that are located far away from the company’s origins. In 2013, the company took over Bergfreunde.de, a German retailer that specialized with mountaineering clothing and equipment. In 2015, TSG Consumers Partners gained Backcountry.

A team of outdoor enthusiasts themselves


You can put your trust on the team behind the e-tailer for your specific needs, given that the people. You will interacting with first hand experience in the activities the equipment are made for, and are hobbyists themselves. It another of their main selling points, and can realized in an instant when talking to them virtually—they know their stuff.

You’re assured that the opinion they will giving regarding what best for you is a well-informed position. Even with their background in sports, the team still given proper training and education on the products in their catalogue. They have great understanding on how each piece of equipment works, and can figure what would best for a potential client. There are now 400 customer service representatives that can help you decide what it that you need specifically.

With this expertise follows quality service. You just know that the other person you’re talking to not merely doing lip service. And if your product does not meet expectations? You can return the purchase back to Backcountry with a full refund, easy-peasy.

Their very own brand


Backcountry may have made a force with their company for being an authorized retailer of trusted brands for outdoor equipment. Which are numbered at more than 1500 now. But for a company who knows the ins and outs of the business. There is another logical move: create their own line of products.

The brand has produced exclusive activity-appropriate garments as well as gears for camping, climbing and skiing. Instead of going at it on full swing by themselves. They have sought collaborations with other established companies in the industry. This is a first for the online retailer, even though the competition has already done this before. The company came to the decision after acknowledging the feedback from their customers and consultants. That their own team’s knowledge can also applied to another profitable use. The line will mostly be apparel for outdoor use and will be exclusive to Backcountry.

The top choice

top choice

When you love the outdoors, there’s no denying that you can’t skimp on your apparel and gears. Thankfully, the people from Backcountry understand your concerns very well. The business has ample catalogue tailored for your choice of activity. With an extensively knowledgeable team, topnotch collection and now own equipment. As well as a branded item for every budget, we’d dare say it could not get any better than this.

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