Summer is here. Can you smell it in the air? Or do you only smell coffee, car fumes from carpool and moldy lunch boxes that have seen better days? If you’re running around crazy like me both excited for and dreading the final day of school, I’m hoping this post inspires you to remember the joys of summer. Hanna Andersson kid clothes are hands down my go to brand for my kids clothes. No, they are not compensating me for this post. Nor did they send me anything, or even ask me to write it. I don’t even know who Hanna is! What I know is I’m a mother of three kids who are busy, busy, and busy. And summer is coming, and it’s time to get ready. For me, being ready means not having to run errands once it’s summer time!

We go through a lot of laundry. Outfitting three kids is not cheap. None of my children were able to benefit from hand me downs due to ages and being twins. Yes, Hanna Andersson is expensive. I am not arguing that. What I can attest to is the quality. There is a reason their clothes cost that much – they last. They last, and last, and last…

children Cloths

I became a Hanna Mom when my daughter was born. Almost every pair of jammie’s she wore from other brands got holes in them, shrunk or faded. When a friend sent me a pair of Hanna’s and they went through several cycles of laundry all without doing any of those things I was sold. I waited for store sales, and loaded up!

Our daughter has now graduated from Jammie’s to big girl clothes. Hanna Andersson does a fabulous job of making clothes that are fun and bright that make children want to wear them, but with a style I’m comfortable with. I’m not a fan of kids growing up too soon. Hanna Andersson’s entire line of clothing walks the fine line of being in trend so girls like the style, but they are not the slightest bit too grown up looking.

Favorite Hanna Andersson Kid Clothes

favorite Hanna Andersson

Their bathing suits are also really nice. But here’s what I love – one year I had an issue where it seemed like the bathing suit became too large. It “grew” with every swim. Perhaps it was the style, perhaps it was the wrong size, but regardless it was the first time I ever had an issue with Hanna’s. I went back to the store with no tag, no receipt and a much worn bathing suit and they gladly accepted it back for full price. I was offered the choice of a credit on my card or store credit. Just being offered money back on the spot made me stick with the company and buy another bathing suit. That one worked great! A+ for customer service.

Our boys require a whole other level of quality. We have identical twin five year olds. They are funny in that they both like to dress either exactly the same, or coordinating. So I do buy two of things a lot. However, sometimes I can’t always find two of the same size so the same pair of pants or shorts will get worn by both of them. So double the wear! To find shorts that have never seen holes in them, and shirts that have not once ripped is incredible. Two active boys means that every time they wear something it goes right in the wash. We don’t get two wears out of them. Yes despite being constantly washed the clothes still look as bright as the day I bought them and in the exact same size. Thank you, Hanna!


I bought Hanna terry hoodies the past two seasons. They are the perfect summer hoodie. I can’t tell you how often I get stopped asking where I got them!

The zippers work flawlessly and my own children learned how to zip by zipping up their one piece pajamas as kids. Now, the terry hoodies they own have a zipper clasp large enough for little hands to grasp and zip on their own.

Another cool summer Hanna Andersson Kid Clothes look for my boys.

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favorite Hanna

See the back to school video I produced for Hanna. I love them SO MUCH!

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