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Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag is a rectangular shaped camera bag that is small, sporty, and exuberant at the same time. It is the exact ‘vibe’ that the American fashion designer is known for. This bag comes in multiple color combinations and is spacious with dimensions of. Featuring a minimalist gold Double J emblem, this bag is the perfect cross between sling bags and utilitarian satchels.

The hardware detail on the bags is in gold/yellow, along with golden zippers. The original bag comes with a dust bag and care card of-course. Even the string of the dust bag is smooth and luxurious to the touch with words “Marc Jacobs” printed on it.

Made using Affiance leather, Snapshot is a great accessory for a casual stroll as well as parties. For those who are not familiar, Affiance leather is a treated leather made with texture pressed on it and it is one the best leathers for bags. Let’s check out more reasons to buy this bag in 2019.

Overview of Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag is still as popular today as it was when originally launched in the spring of 2016. A firm favourite of many celebrities and fashion gurus around the world, the bag is a must-have accessory that is not only super cute but also very versatile.

Rectangular in shape with rounded borders, the iconic Marc Jacobs camera bag boasts a wide adjustable and removable strap, made from a webbing material, perfect for everyday use. The thick strap allows the Snapshot bag to be worn either across the body or on the shoulder.

The Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag features quite a bit of metal hardware, with the strap being attachable via two large clips. It also features bold chunky zips and a metal double J design on the front. The metal hardware come in various colours to complement each bag and give it that classy but bold look.

Made from Saffiano leather, the Snapshot bag is very robust and easy to keep clean. It is also pretty versatile and you can buy different straps to mix and match the colours, which makes it a practical bag to have in your closet.

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bags Review

Marc Jacobs

Taking over your insta feed, Marc Jacobs Snapshots and Soft shots are everywhere as the new it-bag on every influencer’s arm. As one of the most customisable and versatile designer bags we’ve seen in a while, we’re huge fans, constantly planning what colour or strap we want next.

But what exactly is the difference between the Marc Jacobs Snapshot and the newer Softshot? Here to help you make the decision, here’s a breakdown of the Marc Jacobs Snapshot vs the Softshot…

If there’s one thing I know for sure about my approach to style, it’s that I’m totally a bag lady. Bags – and their contents – always fascintate me. There’s no aspect of fashion as guaranteed to get me obsessed.

Marc Jacobs The perforated snapshot Review

Marc Jacobs

Over the years, I’ve learnt that a well made accessory gives me a huge amount of pleasure. And although I still find the odd irresistible bargain, these days I prefer to save up for something that will really last. The first job I had with a bonus, I spent it on a Mulberry Alexa and my collection has just gone from there.

The latest addition to my collection is a bag which seems to be all over the internet – its bold colour blocking, wide canvas strap and neat, boxy shape seem to be capturing everyone’s imagination. The Marc Jacobs Snapshot had to be mine.

The Snapshot has been a best seller for the designer since launching and even though it’s a very small bag, it’s also supremely practical as well as stylish. When I was recently in Florence, I spotted several immaculately dressed ladies rocking it – and one very fabulous looking guy.

It’s a luxury bag but at quite an accessible price point compared to many – it can be yours for £290.00, which isn’t that dear for a designer bag, and one that is made to such sturdy quality. This is no delicate Chanel lambskin – it’s definitely robust enough to stand up to daily life. The bag comes in a huge array of colours, from sleek neutrals to eye popping brights.

Marc Jacobs The Fluoro edge snapshot Review

Marc Jacobs

Being a practical sort, I opted for the classic French Grey colourway, which also has white and black panels. They have a spotted version which I love as well – and floral, bejewelled, covered in cartoon frogs! There really is something for everyone.

Each colour bag also comes with its own strap design – in this case a black, white and gold metallic canvas with the Marc Jacobs name repeated on it – but other options have geometric or striped designs.

You can purchase additional straps from Marc Jacobs and customise to your heart’s content. The bold design is a big part of the look of the bag, and having such a broad strap makes it very comfortable to wear. It’s easy to adjust the length of the strap to suit your height, and wear it as either a cross body bag or off the shoulder.

A big feature of the bag is Marc Jacobs’ signature bold, gold hardware – chunky zips with the logo, large clips attaching the strap to the bag, and a gold metal double J design on the front panel – all quite sleek.

The top panel is also embossed with the Marc Jacobs New York logo. It’s a little more shouty than I usually like my bags, but that is the vibe here – a bit 80s and the kind of bag which would sit well with the athleisure mega-trend. It’s a very sporty, cool, youthful look, while the bold strap really makes it stand out.

Marc Jacobs The croc-embossed snapshot Review

Marc Jacobs

Storage wise, although the Snapshot is compact and structured, it holds more than you might expect. I’m a fan of travelling light anyway, and I like that I can have this smaller cross body with all of my personal items, and keep the kids stuff in a separate tote if we’re heading out for the day.

To give some comparison, the bag holds more than my Chanel Wallet On Chain, which really does make anyone into a Minimalist whether they want to be or not!

There are two zipped compartments, one with a divider internally. I can fit my phone, a small wallet, keys, some mints, makeup essentials – lipstick, powder and concealer – and my sunglasses in comfortably.

You could possibly squeeze in a little bit more, but I keep one compartment exclusively for my phone, as I pull it in and out so much and I don’t want other things flying out and getting lost.

There is also a small slip pocket on the back that I haven’t found a use for yet! It would work well if you use an Oyster card or something of that size that you need to keep handy, or if your phone is small enough to fit comfortably in there (mine isn’t, but then it is a Plus model with a large screen).

The size and shape, practical durability and bold style make this bag the ideal new addition to your collection, in my humble opinion. They might also be why the Snapshot bag is turning into a juggernaut trend – so why not get on board?

Marc Jacobs All Clothing & Fashion Review

Marc Jacobs

As a diagnostic category, “Fashion Week” has lost much of its oomph. When is Fashion Week and when isn’t Fashion Week is increasingly a matter of confusion, even to those of us who are tasked with covering it. (As a Vogue writer murmured to me last night, it’s always Fashion Week somewhere.) Marc Jacobs used to be the tentpole of New York Fashion Week. But last night, at the grand New York Public Library building on Fifth Avenue, the one guarded by Patience and Fortitude, Jacobs staged his own show, on his own time.

Patience, if not Fortitude, is generally anathema to fashion. But Jacobs took the opportunity the pandemic provided to decelerate, to skip a beat. His last show was 16 months ago, a Roman candle of excitement and energy in an entirely different fashion moment in an entirely different world. “Our decision to pause allowed us to slow down,” Jacobs wrote in his show notes last night, “reflect, ruminate, reevaluate, grieve, and take a thorough inventory of what works, what doesn’t work, what we love, what we are willing to let go of, and what has value, importance, and meaning.”

Marc Jacobs Dresses The layered jumpsuit Review

Marc Jacobs

So as the fashion week machinery cranked back up, some of it is as it has ever been — the street-style photographers waiting outside, the double-kissed cheeks, the questions about summer plans as a vaccinated industry returns to flying off to L.A. to shoot and Mykonos to tan — and some of it is different. To start, there was no week, just Jacobs showing alone on a sweltering summering evening.

At the same time, the year’s copious digital-only presentations haven’t always felt worthwhile. Though innovative, experimenting with new formats can become time-consuming and expensive, with the only real return on investment being the occasional magazine write-up and praise via Instagram comments. As an article from Harper’s Bazaar noted last July, “There’s an electricity and emotion that a physical show conveys that we haven’t yet seen replicated in their virtual forms.”

Jacobs’s show is usually the tip of the spear for his collections, which will then be dispersed to stores around the world, but not this one: Lately, he’s rejigged his business to angle it more toward its lower-priced lines, and this runway collection will go to just one, Bergdorf Goodman (strollers down Fifth Avenue last night could’ve caught it projected on the side of its façade), making Jacobs a kind of heir to Halston, who was for a time one of Bergdorf’s house brands. It coaxed Jacobs to a collection that feels akin to couture.

Marc Jacobs Top Dresses The bandeau Review

Marc Jacobs

The cocooning shapes, the puffed-up volumes, and the slouchy way the models draped their coats and their faux-fur stoles made them seem like the socialites of an earlier era fluttering back through ours.

But the way they slouched on their hooflike wedges, the way they dragged those stoles carelessly behind them — that’s all Marc. (For all the fashion references, the nods at the Space Age and the ’60s, I also smelled the old New York rave boutique Liquid Sky in the puddly iridescent pants, and South Park’s constantly killed Kenny McCormick in the mega hoods; that mix, too, is very Marc.)

But more than any of its references, to fashion history and to Jacobs’s own past (his collections will always have both), there was a sense of movement — that’s why, I suspect, Jacobs photographed all of the looks not head-on as usual, but from the side. Each of his models became a little vector of forward motion, and each one came out twice: the first swaddled in her (or his, or their) coats and hats and hoods and, yes, masks, and then, the second time, mostly without them.

Marc Jacobs The sport shorts Dresses Review


It was impossible not to see a nod at our armored, prophylactic last year in the covered-up looks of the first round, an anxiety underscored by the nervy, sawing strings of Max Richter, who composed dystopian airs for The Leftovers and Black Mirror, on the soundtrack.

But it was hard not to be buoyed, too, when the models molted and reemerged, color breaking through what had begun as stark black and white. They disappeared up the library stairs, ascending, followed out by a final dress in brilliant yellow. Here comes the sun.

Marc Jacobs’ fall 2022 collection left a great taste in the fashion industry’s mouth. According to Vogue’s Nicole Phelps, the show, which was the last on the New York Fashion Week schedule, ended the festivities on a “universal high.” It makes sense, then, that Jacobs refused to risk tainting that memory by rushing out a collection in the middle of a shared tragedy. Sure, maintaining a twice-yearly collection schedule may have kept him in the press, but the legacy of Marc Jacobs doesn’t need that, and he knows it.

Marc Jacobs Shoes Review

Now, how about some fashionable footwear? No outfit is complete without dressing up your feet, and luckily there’s a plethora of Marc Jacobs shoes for you to choose from.

From Marc Jacobs boots to sandals and slip-ons, they have styles for every weather and occasion. In this article, we will focus on some top-selling pairs of loafers, clogs, and sandals from the brand.

Marc Jacobs Mens Monogram jogger Sneakers Review

Marc Jacobs

There’s a reason why we opt for trainers instead of oxfords when it comes to exercising. If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate pair of joggers, the Marc Jacobs Breathable Soft Slip On Running Walking Sneakers can be your go-to alternative.

Built with an elastic slip-on design and an aerated mesh upper, these kicks ensure no foot sweats and blisters while on the move. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6.5 to 12.

Designed to be breathable & comfortable, these shoes can last through hour-long hikes and cityscape adventures. We suggest adding an orthopedic sole as another form of support.
If you’re looking to add the $46 Marc Jacobs Breathable Soft Slip On Running Walking Sneakers to your collection, you’ll be happy to know that they’re on sale for only $41.

Marc Jacobs The fluoro leather jogger Review


Looking for comfortable slip-in shoes that won’t age you by 30 years? With a vibrant orange flower against a yellow and blue backdrop, the Casual Stylish Soft Round Canvas Loafers let you color outside the lines.

The floral pattern is what makes these shoes really unique. While they are not really part of Marc Jacobs men’s shoes, they suit anyone looking for a pair of attention-grabbing loafers. The rubber outsole is also anti-skid and hard-wearing, so you should be able to rock these in any season.

The Casual Stylish Soft Round Canvas Loafers are available for $25 in US sizes 5–12.

Marc Jacobs Hat review

Marc Jacobs

You should never underestimate the power of a baseball cap. Considering a simple way to top off an ensemble, the Marc Jacobs hat imbues a sense of playfulness and youth thanks to its brightly colored hue.

It comes in an array of brilliant colors to choose from, such as creamsicle orange and lavender purple. As an added decal, this design also features a cute green frog on the front.

Styled to exude that ‘Sunshade in Summer’ aesthetic, the $16 Marc Jacobs Hat is considered the perfect accouterment to any July-inspired outfit. It’s also great for blood sports, as this cap also comes in Blaze Orange for Hunting Use. Currently, this unique design is on sale for an affordable $13.

Is Marc Jacobs Sustainable?

The items are very affordable. But, there is a trade-off to be aware of when purchasing from fast fashion brands. Unfortunately, this Marc Jacobs review found no evidence around the company’s use of sustainable materials or adherence to ethical labour practices.

Who Is Marc Jacobs For?

Marc Jacobs

Since Marc Jacobs prides themselves on their vast options and array of choices, anyone can potentially find something they like from the brand. Most of the items do seem to better fit older women, especially the products outlined in this review.

Throughout the store’s catalogue, there are countless vibrant and trendy designs. The clothes would be best suited for casual and fun occasions, as opposed to serious formal events. If you want bright colors and fresh looks, this could be the brand for you.

Marc Jacobs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Marc Jacobs

This Marc Jacobs review can finally get into the meat of things: how do customers really feel about the brand?

From the comments we’ve come across on third-party sites and individual blogs, it seems that buyers are generally happy with this online clothing boutique. So you can relax knowing that a good majority of customers are happy about their purchases.

Let’s start get started. Marc Jacobs’s Trust pilot page showcases an average score of 3.4 stars out of 5 based on 11k reviews. 32% of customers are relatively satisfied with the brand’s selection of clothes.

“I loved my swimsuit. It’s soft and comfortable and it’s definitely an eye-catcher with it’s funny print,” one customer wrote.

Others commended the company’s level of customer service, which entails Marc Jacobs’s shipping and delivery process.

Site jabber over ranks Trust pilot in terms of customer reviews. Based on 69k testimonials, Marc Jacobs boasts a pretty score of 4.46 out of 5 stars. Buyers rated the brand with two thumbs up in specific to the company’s clothing quality and shopping experience.

My first experience with Marc Jacobs turned out to be one of the best. These trousers are irresistible. I cannot take them off. They are slightly longer than my actual size but otherwise are perfect in every aspect,” one reviewer shared.

A few customers said that the quality was great, especially for the price, and that they had no issues with shipping. Additionally, any issues with sizing could be resolved by looking at the clothing charts carefully.

Fortunately for Marc Jacobs, we found that many customers online are praising the brand. As a responsible shopper, you should always be wary of the companies you support, no matter how popular they are.

Is Marc Jacobs Worth It?

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs sells an impressive range of clothing and accessories, and most of them are adorned with refreshing patterns, details, and colours. There are styles available that you would have difficulties finding in US stores.

It’s definitely on-trend with the fashion posted on social media platforms, such as Tik Tok and Integra. Can you imagine pairing the Fish Print O-Neck Cotton T-shirt with a cool pair of light wash jeans? We’re swooning.

We also love the brand’s wide range of clothing sizes. Compared to ZAFUL and Shien, it’s rare to encounter a clothing company that offers options well beyond the predictable XL. Hats off to you, Marc Jacobs.

If this brand’s aesthetic is your cup of tea you may find some items you’ll love on their website. Happy shopping!

Marc Jacobs Promotions & Discounts

Marc Jacobs

We found a few different promotions and discounts being offered by the brand at the time of this review. This Marc Jacobs review uncovered a few promotions and discounts. For example, the more you spend while shopping, the more you save:

If you are a student, you can also save 18% through Student Beans. The discounts typically cancel out most of the shipping fees. Lastly, Marc Jacobs offers $3 off your first order. Marc Jacobs also has an ongoing Easter promotion where you can get up to 60% off! Check their website for more details.

Where to Buy Marc Jacobs

You can shop the brand directly from their website, Marc Jacobs. com. Just make sure that you select your country from the dropdown menu.


Marc Jacobs

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check your order status at any time by clicking on the “Sign In” link at the top of every page and logging into your account. You may also call us at email at marcjacobs .com for additional assistance.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Marc Jacobs Customer Service representatives are available 24 hours a day to help you with your purchase. Please call us at 877-707-6272.

How do I cancel or change my order?

Unfortunately, once your marcjacobs .com order enters the shipping process, we are unable to cancel or make changes to your order. Our system is designed to process orders immediately.

When you receive your order, check your packing slip for our return policies and for the return process. We will refund the purchase price of the return, minus any shipping or handling, charges. You are welcome to call us at 877-707-6272 or email our Customer Service for additional assistance.

What is the return policy?

We are happy to accept returns for merchandise purchased on marcjacobs .com that has not been worn, washed, or altered, with tags still attached and in the original packaging (box, sunglasses case, garment bag, etc), within 30 days of purchase.

Fragrances and Marc Jacobs Beauty products may be returned lightly used. All swimwear and underwear purchases are final sale; no returns or exchanges are accepted on these items.

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